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Save Syrian Children- Slogan Goes Viral on Social Media

Ruthless killings of unarmed civilians and innocent children in East Ghouta Syria has raised massive outcry on social media. Users condemned the war and massacre of Syrian Children using the hashtag Save Syrian Children.  Air bombing and shelling by the Syrian forces on the rebel-held enclave of East Ghouta have killed 530 people, including 130 children.

Killing of Children in East Ghouta

It has been one week since Syrian forces started the bombings in East Ghouta. Now, it is impossible for every social media user to scroll down the newsfeed without seeing the disturbing images of kids wrapped in white coffins, blood-stained faces of innocent children and people crying over the corpses of their innocent people.

Recent airstrikes by the Pro-Bashar-al-Assad Syrian army began on February 18, Sunday. Consequently, 250 people got killed including 58 children in East Ghouta, within two days of the incursion. The war by Syrian forces that resulted in the massacre of the innocent children made UNICEF regional director for Middle East Region to run out of the words.

Save Syrian Children- Social Media Outrage

Peace in the Middle East has become a rare commodity, since the start of so-called Arab Spring in 2012. Amongst all the Middle Eastern countries, Syria is facing the worst civil war. Images of devastated Syrian children buried in rubble, blood and horror scream out loud about how the war victimizes those who never initiated it and who never wanted to be a party to it.

The horror of war in Syria is reflecting how ego, self-interest and urge to remain in power surpass the precious value of human lives and innocent children who don’t even know what the war is all about. A mere slogan of Save Syrian children might not suffice to compete with the rampant greed of remaining in power.

Bombings in East Ghouta

Almost 400, 000 people live in East Ghouta. The besieged area is already facing the shortage of food, medicines and other necessities of life. Reports earlier in the last week suggested that no international convoys were allowed to enter the area. Hence, people received very little aid that only worsened the situation. People in East Ghouta have to deal with bombings and hunger.  Recent reports suggest that pro-government alliances are engaged in aerial attacks as they want to smooth the edges for the entrance of ground forces into East Ghouta. The international community is asking the Russian President Vladimir Putin to pressurize his Syrian ally Bashar-Al-Assad for stopping the advance into East Ghouta.

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