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Pakistanis React to Shahid Afridi Daughter and Shaheen Afridi Engagement News

The news which Pakistanis considered a rumor became official last night. A sports journalist confirmed that Shahid Afridi has accepted the proposal from the family of Shaheen Afridi. They would like to marry the pacer with Ansha Afridi, eldest daughter of the former cricketer. Reportedly, Shahid Afridi daughter is currently studying, so the marriage will take place after 2 years.

Both families have requested discretion until an official announcement. According to the reports, they will announce the news officially at the right time. Currently, they are waiting for Shaheen to be free of cricket responsibilities and Ansha from her studies.

Congratulations To Shahid Afridi Daughter And Shaheen Afridi

Netizens flocked over to the social media websites to congratulate Shaheen Afridi and Shahid Afridi daughter. They could not contain the excitement associated with the idea of this marriage. Shahid Afridi enjoys a massive fan following in Pakistan, so does Shaheen. The 20-year-old fast bowler quickly forced himself into the Pakistani team and commanded respect from the best players in the game. Shahid Afridi is hailed as a legend in the country and this engagement news has thrilled the cricket fans.

Fans Excited For Competition Between In-Laws

Another reason for fans to get excited about this engagement is that the son-in-law and father-in-law will often see each other on opposite sides in Pakistan Super League (PSL). Shaheen is playing for Lahore Qalandars while Lala is with Karachi Kings.

When Shahid was a part of Karachi Kings in 2019, Shaheen was once able to clean bold him. He did not perform his signature celebration after taking out the legend, instead he just nodded. Many fans may have wondered why he did not celebrate, which might be cleared now. The talks of the marriage between Shaheen and Ansha have going on for more than 2 years, reportedly.

Light Memes On The Occasion

While marriage is an auspicious event, it may have made some female fans of Shaheen Afridi sad. They may have wanted him to marry one of them instead of Shahid Afridi daughter. Social media users tried to express the girls’ mixed emotions in form of memes.

Another meme relates the whole situation with normal people who do not have the same privilege to marry whoever they want. Family plays a central role in deciding whether the desired marriage can happen or not. Therefore, it is an achievement if parents agree to a person’s choice for marriage.

Rumors Surrounding The News

Before the confirmation on the engagement news of Shaheen Afridi and Shahid Afridi daughter, there were several rumors circulating on the internet. Some said that it was Babar Azam who Ansha was getting married to but Shahid denied that in front of the media. Some even that it was not Ansha but his second eldest daughter Aqsa Afridi, who was getting married. However, the reports have been confirmed now and both families have requested Pakistani people to respect their privacy.

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