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Learn How to Teach Kids to Swim?

The baby swimming classes are old and boring. When you want to know how to teach kids to swim, there are so many tedious tutorials available online. The mommy and I swim classes can become tedious.

Teach Kids to Swim

So, here are a few games to teach kids to swim.


As the name suggests, you would have to hold your child under their arm. You need to start walking backward in the water. Once you pick a bit of speed, it would gently push the water aside. Help your kid lightly circle and slowly chant motorboat, motorboat. Ask your child to pick up the speed gradually. Also, ask the kid to move a bit faster by using their legs to create a forward thrust. This game will help the kid become a confident swimmer over time.

Teach Kids

Catching the Fishes

Keep the kid in the same position as in the first game and ask the kid to use their arms one by one as if they are catching a fish. Furthermore, the kid would be able to use their hands one by one. Make sure to ask your kid to exercise this way for five to six times and then take a rest. It is a simple yet effective exercise to help your kid strengthen the arms, wrists, and hands.

Talking to the Fishes

One other practice is talking to the fish. Furthermore, ask your kid to blow into the water. Once your kid blows in the water, it will help them build their stamina over time. Breath control s one of the essential skills for any good swimmer. Teach your kid about the talking to the fish game when you want to teach kids how to swim. Give your kid the time to develop their comfort and gradually improve their swimming stamina.

Safe Swimming Tips

When you teach kids how to swim, always keep the safety precautions and tips in your mind.

  • You have to be patient with the kids and do not push them to learn something quickly.
  • Always take the time to teach your kids about the basic safety rules.
  • Never leave your kid unattended near the pool. Always remain with them when they go for safety.
  • Take any other extra steps that you think are necessary when teaching your kids to learn swimming.
  • Also, use a safe chemical in the pool and always ask the management of the pool to take care of safety issues.
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