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Technoblade Thanks Fans in His Final Video

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has passed away at the age of 23 after battling cancer for almost a year. He spent his final hours writing a letter for his dedicated fanbase, which was read by his father in a gut-wrenching last video titled “so long nerds”. He started the letter by saying “if you’re reading this I am dead”. Then he went to reveal his real name, Alex, as he kept his identity secret throughout his career. He went with an avatar of a pig wearing a crown. Alex thanked his fans for supporting his content and acknowledged that his time as the YouTuber was the happiest of his life.

Technoblade Loved His Fans

Technoblade’s family also shared a statement for the beloved YouTuber’s fans. They reflected on his desire to make his fans happy and reward them through his videos and other activities. The family urged that fans that Technoblade always wished for his real identity to remain confidential so the viewers must continue to honour that and respect the family’s privacy. They also told the audience how difficult was the past year as thier son was fighting stage 4 cancer. They were proud that he didn’t complain and used his famous strategic mind to try and beat the impossible odds. His father continued that his son’s brave journey was a lesson for all, as all he ever did was because of the audience and thier unwavering love.

What Kind of Cancer He Had?

As the family wanted to keep the matter as private as possible, they did not reveal what kind of cancer it was that killed Technoblade. However, speculation by community members suggests that he was diagnosed with Sarcoma. The beloved YouTuber suddenly stopped making videos in early 2021 and later returned in August with a harrowing video, disclosing his diagnosis. In the 13-minute video, he mentioned that he first started feeling pain in his right arm. Then his right shoulder began to swell and he ended up in chemotherapy. Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that grows in connective tissue, which are cells that support other tissue in the body. Most commonly it occurs in bones, muscles, nerves, fat, tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels of arms and legs. There are reportedly 70 kinds of Sarcoma. Although it is not public if Technoblade had Sarcoma but his family announced in a video that all of the proceedings for his channel and merchandise will be donated to Sarcoma research.

Inspiration for Millions

Many fans expressed their sadness on Social media and YouTube for this loss to the Minecraft gaming community. Technoblade, who had 10.9 million subscribers on YouTube, not only became synonymous with the popular game but also gave inspiration to many. Famous content creators, the gaming community, and even Minecraft server owners, paid tribute to the deceased YouTuber.

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