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Here Is What Tesla’s Cyber Truck Is All About?

During an event in California, Tesla unveiled its new all-electric cyber truck, and besides a few kinks, it seems absolutely absolutely awesome. The vehicle not only features a high-end technology and a unique design but also has a spacious interior.

The Cyber Truck A step Towards the Future

On Thursday, during one of the company’s promotional events, Elon Musk revealed his trapezoidal electric cyber truck that will retail for $39,900 in the US, and if all things go according to play, the truck will enter production in 2021. Another version of the truck is expected to enter production by 2022.

Types Of Variants

The electric truck will come in three variants with slightly different features. The first variant will retail for 39,900 dollars and will come equipped with one electric motor that will have a range of 250 miles per single charge.

 The second variant will have two electric motors and will have a range of 300 miles per single charge. The estimated retail cost for the second type is estimated to be $49,900. The first two variants will be rear-wheel drive

The third and last variant will be equipped with three motors and will have a tops speed of 138 miles. On a single charge will have a range of 500 miles. The third variant will retail for 69900 dollars and will have a four-wheel drive.

Bulletproof Exterior

All three variants will come equipped with an auto-drive feature and will have a body made up of a stainless steel alloy the same kind, which Tesla uses to manufacture its space rockets making the truck bulletproof to 9 mm. The glass, however, needs a little work as it is bullet-resistant and not bulletproof.

All the variants will have self-charging ability meaning the more kinetic the truck is, the more it will charge itself .

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