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Theresa May Dance at Conservative Party Annual Dinner Goes Viral

Being a Prime Minister of UK is no easy task particularly in times when the country is undergoing some serious socio-political changes due to Brexit. But Prime Minister Theresa May knows how to keep the situation light through her fun loving personality. Theresa May dance is no stranger, as the PM has never hesitated from cheering in joy to express amusement.

The UK Prime Minister has once again got the attention of social media for dancing her way to stage on the eve of Conservative Party’s annual dinner.

And, here is her dance.

Theresa May Dance at International Convention Center

Recently, UK Prime Minister’s dance became the talk of the town after she made an entry by grooving to an ABBA song “Dancing Queen”.

While the audience at the International Convention Center where the event took place, applauded her dance moves, there was a mixed response from Twitterati particularly those who criticize May.

Going viral on social media means to become a meme material and same happened with Theresa May dance at the Conservative party’s meeting. Twitterati came up with the best possible caption to describe May’s joy at that moment.

Dance is non-political after all. So someone really doesn’t need to agree or disagree with UK’s Prime Minister to appreciate her dance moves. And, this Twitter user was quite right to point this fact.

But, now people will start thinking of Theresa May dance while listening to Dancing Queen.

A Challenge from Green Party Leader

Is it really a challenge from Green Party leader Jonathan Bartley? Doesn’t seem so.

There are those who are unable to accept if what Theresa May did before her keynote speech was actually a dance. It seemed just a movement to them.

And How Can Theresa May Dance

People were quick to lambast Theresa May for various reasons. They called out her tax cuts for millionaires and other such policies to criticize her and ask how could she dance in a situation where there was so much suffering in the country.

Few of them tried to describe the situation in a comparative manner by going into details of the Theresa May speech.

There were also comparisons of her leadership skills and dancing skills. But, there were also some traditional biases to the opinions.

Theresa May Dance in Africa

Earlier, a video of Theresa May had emerged showing her dancing at the end of her August 2018 trip to Africa. Then her moves were not the same, and she didn’t receive that much criticism.


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