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Harry Styles Beats Top Fashion Icons of 2020

Harry Styles has been one of the most discussed celebrities in 2020 especially after appearing on the cover page of Vogue in a revolutionary appearance for men. The British heartthrob has been topping the list of most searched personality on Google in terms of fashion style.

Reportedly, the singer outranked prominent style icons by being dubbed as the most Googled style icon male. He surpassed the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Meghan Markle, and Lady Gaga.

Top Fashion Icons Of 2020 Searches On Google

There were a lot of big names in the list of top fashion icons of 2020 but Harry took the cake. According to released Google search data, Harry Styles was ranking on number 2 after singer Billie Eilish

However, he has taken over every style icon according to media reports. His style was most searched in around 17 countries. Most searches came from UAE, where people actively searched about Harry’s outfits more than other popular female personalities. Other countries included Australia, Mexico, Ireland, UK, and New Zealand.

Harry Styles Fashion This Year

Ex-One Directioner style was rather controversial in 2020 but garnered a lot of attention. He made history by appearing on the cover of Vogue magazine in a gender fluid outfit. Apparently he was the first solo male to make the cover in Vogue’s history

This was a custom-made Palomo powder blue suit with a frilled blouse. He also chose many jaw-dropping outfits throughout the year on occasions like Brit Awards, Watermelon Sugar music video, and BBC Radio 2. People wear different kinds of dresses to make a fashion statement and here Harry is taking inspiration from female outfits.

It shows how gender difference is irrelevant and unnecessary if men can don female outfits as well as women. This approach by Harry has been regarded as both bold and inspirational. However, Harry Styles latest fashion look remained a talk of the town in 2020 which otherwise had not so much to offer due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Gender Fluidity The most important aspect of Harry’s attire was that it was gender-neutral. Opposite gender can also don these frivolous fashion.

In the last couple of years, climate change and focus on scarcity of the world’s resources has increased advocacy for sustainable dressing. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why frugal male fashion and frugal female fashions is witnessing a surge in popularity. However, now it seems that choice for dressing is also becoming the conscious for ideas of gender neutrality; as reflected in the dressing of Harry Styles.

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