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Some of the Underrated Bollywood Actors and Their LifeStyle

Most people admire famous Bollywood stars who rule the industry with their talent and personality. The names of actors include acting tycoons like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, and so on. The names can keep ongoing since there are plenty of acting kings and queens in the Bollywood industry. However, alongside the popular ones, some seem to be the most underrated Bollywood actors. These underrated stars are not only fine artists but also have a life that might surprise many of their fans. 

The word underrated defines the focus of Bollywood towards these entities. Of course, every director and producer want to make good money and consequently, they look for Khans and Kapoors and others, to cast them for their films. Nevertheless, they forget about the talent that can provide them the same extent of popularity and business. Because undeniably, it is the audience who points at the person with the best acting skills. Besides, the audience does not get a chance to decide the best due to Bollywood’s lack of attention towards stars with potential. 

Talented And One Of The Underrated Bollywood Actors: Rajkummar Rao

There is a lot that Rajkummar Rao’s fans don’t know about him. The star lives a life that people can only dream of. According to certain viewpoints, he is a down to earth kind of person. The cinema and his fans recognize him for his diversity in acting skills in comic roles. 

The birthdate of Mr. Rao is August 31st, 1984. 

He worked as a supporting actor in some of the famous and good-scripted films including Gangs of Wasseypur 2, Talaash, and Kai Po Che. However, his debut film was Love Sex Aur Dhoka, which helped him gain recognition. He won the National Film Award for best actor and Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor because of his acting in the movie Shahid. 

In our society, people define a person’s lifestyle through his/her income, luxurious house, gadgets, and expensive vehicles. Hence, before jumping onto the part where fans can appraise Rao, knowing his net worth and earning range might ease the process of making an opinion about him. 

34-year-old Rajkummar Rao earns approximately 40-45 crores annually through films and brand endorsements.

Considering the figures, he allegedly charges 4-5 crores per film. Rao owns multiple properties including his current luxurious abode in Andheri’s Oberoi Springs, which is a residential complex in Mumbai. Fans can only guess the worth of his apartment since it is a home for many other actors as well. His cars collection comprises of a fully-loaded Audi Q7 (worth almost 8.0 million), Range Rover XUV (worth more than 5.0 million), a superbike Harley Davidson Fat Bob (1.46 million), and a BMW 5 series with his name on the Num-plate (reportedly more than 4.5 million of worth). 

If one needs to understand Rao’s activities besides acting, he/she must know that the star doesn’t just win hearts in movies only. The interpretation of this is that Mr. Rajkummar spends a good load of his income on charity and social work. This describes the quality of being down to earth. 

Sushant Singh Rajput

Today, almost every person knows about the late Sushant Sing Rajput. They recognize how brilliant he was with his acting skills. However, they might not be aware of Sushant Singh’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes. The famous yet one of the underrated Bollywood actors passed away due to a mysterious cause. As per various school of thoughts, Sushant Singh Rajput died because of nepotism. Although, his decision of committing suicide is yet a mystery.  

Sushant Singh Rajput started his acting career through theatre; later he progressed towards Indian Tv shows. Sushant Gained success in the industry and people recognized him as a fine actor. To observe Sushant’s talent, one must watch his popular movies like his latest Dil Bechara, Raabta, MS Dhoni, and Kai Poe Che. According to many people’s perspectives, Singh was a very underrated actor since he was good at his job. People’s views claim that directors and producers should have given him a chance rather than other stars in several movies.  

Coming to Rajput’s hobbies, lifestyle, and likes; he was an enthusiast of cars and motorbikes. His latest and most expensive vehicle was the supercar Maserati Quattroporte (worth ₹17.1 million). Before that, he bought himself a white Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic (worth 6.3 million). Other than that, he owned a superbike BMW K1300R (worth almost 2.6 million). He also wished to own an Italian car Lamborghini, as it was added to the list of his 50 dreams. 

Since Sushant had many hobbies, he also liked to play guitar in his own time. All in all, whether it was about luxury or entertainment, Mr. Singh was a person of taste.

Sushant’s lifestyle preceded his helping nature since he was always active in resolving people’s problems. Apart from his liking towards expensive automobiles, he was a kind-hearted person according to plenty of viewpoints. People loved him as a person as well as an actor because of his nature. An example of why the public loved him can be his efforts towards helping the needy. Doing charity was a part of his life: He donated 1 crore rupees for the Karela after the destruction due to flood. He did not take credit for it as the donation was on behalf of a fan. He also funded Rs 1.25 crore to the chief minister after Nagaland faced a devastating flood.  

Sushant Singh Rajput was a person with devotion towards helping humanity and chasing his dreams. He accomplished some but left the world with a load of pending wishes. 

Amit Sadh 

When it comes to the undervalued actors and stars, Amit Sadh is the name to remember. Today public recognizes Amit due to his roles in the recent movies Kai Poe Che and Sultan. He worked as a subsidiary in the movies and made the roles special with his presence. His fans must also know that he worked in an amazon prime show Breath. His first Bollywood movie was Phoonk 2, which was horror fiction. Amit started his career by joining the Indian Tv show Kyun Hota Hai Pyar, which was quite famous because of the social and cultural trends of that time. 

Amit had a dream of working either in sports or acting field; therefore, he stopped pursuing his career in study and gave a push to his passion for acting as well as for sports.  

Coming to the lifestyle part, Amit has always been fond of pets and he owned well-trained and fine-breed dogs. Recently, he lost one of his dogs and shared his emotions on Instagram by showing a picture of him with his pets.

Amit is also fond of traveling and exploring and he spends his quality time visiting places he likes.

besides his career in acting, Amit is also a professional fitness expert. The tough workout, rock climbing, bike riding, and several other sports are his way of living a good and charming life.

Amit owns a white Land Rover Discovery (worth 4.98 Million) and a Ducati heavy bike. Allegedly and approximately Amit Sadh is among those underrated Bollywood actors, whose net worth is above 20 crores. 

Sanjay Mishra   

Fans of Sanjay Mishra remember him from the movies Dhamal, All the best, Dilwalay, and Golmaal (one of the highest-grossing movies of 2017). However, the movies which gave him recognition in the industry are Apna Sapna money money and Banti Aur Babli. He is known for his comedy timing and side roles in Indian movies, as he has also worked with many renowned actors like SRK and Amitabh Bachchan.

If we look into Sanjay’s life, he is a very simple person with a modest personality. A lot of people have seen him walking around like he is nobody. He inspires others by keeping life simple. His attributes also contribute to helping needy people. He encourages people to stop chasing food brands and eat vegetables to help farmers and those who work in the field for us.

Luxury is a part of every actor’s life; Sanjay is also among those stars. He owns multiple properties including a 3BKH luxurious apartment in Mumbai and a gorgeous house in UP (Uttar Pradesh). He is the owner of good and expensive cars too, like Innova Crysta (worth 2.8 million) and a BMW 3 series (worth 4.5 million). 

Arshad Warsi

Many people know Arshad as an outstanding comedian and an actor. He truly gained recognition from his supporting role in Munna Bhai MBBS. What most people don’t know is that he had to face some tough challenges in life throughout his acting journey. To understand his courage, put yourself in his shoes and imagine being an orphan and doing a job of a door-to-door cosmetics salesman to earn wages. 

Now, people see him as a fine actor with good and a stable lifestyle, it is all true. Arshad Warsi charges 3 crores per movie and his other source of income is a brand endorsement, which makes his net worth a total of 270 crores. He owns a few beautiful houses including a gorgeous big house in Juhu, Mumbai. Arshad owns two cars and three expensive superbikes. Arshad loves to bike riding with his peers, therefore is a fan of motorbikes than cars.

His hobbies are quite interesting for those who have artistic skills. Arshad Warsi is one of those underrated Bollywood actors who possess more than just one talent: he is not just an actor but a producer, writer, director, and most importantly a painter. Arshad Warsi spends high-quality time painting since it is his hobby and specialty.

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