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Floods Leave Kana Yari’s Singer Wahab Bugti Homeless and Netizens Heartbroken

Heavy rainfall in Pakistan has affected many cities. The destruction came along with the floods, took roofs of citizens, and even resulted in many casualties across the country. One of the victims of the floods in Balochistan is the famous singer Wahab Bugti who recently became popular after singing the Kana Yari song from coke studio season 14. His pictures standing on the corpse of his house went viral on social media. The fans started posting about the disastrous impacts of the flood and how it ruined the life of a fine artist. The Pakistani singer, among many affected Balochi people, has been facing hardships since he reportedly lost his house.

Kana Yari Singer Wahab Bugti Under Severe Conditions

Several pictures surfaced on the internet in which Wahab Bugti can be seen standing with his family on the ruins of his submerged house. The floodwater demolished his house made of mud in Naseerabad. The coke studio singer has been struggling since he is not financially strong and can’t seem to rebuild his home under such circumstances.

Reportedly, the water washed away 7,167 houses, damaged 26,567 residences, and took 225 lives. Bolan, Quetta and Jaffarabad districts are the most affected areas in Balochistan. As per the data of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, the floodwater killed 1,07,377 cattle. The PDMA took steps toward helping the compromised people by providing 450 blankets, 250 water coolers, 1,150 tents, 650 food packs, and 200 gas cylinders.

Critics Bash Coke Studio

After knowing about the condition of Kana Yari singer, netizens started bashing coke studio for not coming forward to help the artist. People have been asking where is media and Coke Studio made millions from Kana Yari.

They are fixating on the through that singing platform should come forward and help Wahab Bugti in this time of need. Some stated that the situation is simply pathetic, that Pakistani talent is rotting in mud, and no one from the entertainment industry is doing anything to help.

Fans’ Efforts to Rescue Bugti

Fans have been sharing the singer’s JazzCash account number on the internet, requesting people to help Wahab Bugti. The request of a few turned into a campaign as several started doing the same on social media.

The global motivational speaker Muniba Mazari also expressed sentiments on social media. She shared the picture of the Kana Yari’s singer to show that he has been going through a crucial time.

Wahab is among the most talented artists that performed in coke studio season 14. He earned the reputation of a classical cultural singer in no time, right after the release of his viral song. The public has been using social media to give him the respect and help he needs. However, there haven’t been any reports regarding the stability of Wahab’s financial situation. 

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