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What are Termites?

You may only have seen termites pictures. But these termite pictures do not tell that these bed bugs are the most detrimental. There are many reasons why termites pose a greater danger when compared to other types of pesticides. Before looking for signs of termites, you need to understand that they are capable of destroying your house’s entire foundation. You often miss signs of ants because they live in hidden places. This is one of the biggest reasons ants are known to do damage behind the scenes. There are many other pests which bother homeowners. But none of them bothers like the termites. Termites slowly eat away whatever wood or cardboard or other similar material they find. Ants need to be taken very seriously, and you need to make sure that you are always looking for signs of termites infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Termites?

Termites do more damage than carpenter ants and other types of pests. The carpenter ants large size may seem to make them more intimidating. However, they cannot match the destruction that termites can cause to your home. When you see termite wings, it is a sign of infestation. Do not take termite wing lightly; it may mean there is a hidden population nearby. There are many ways of catching and getting rid of termites. You can use the wet cardboard trap to catch and get rid of ants. You can also take out all those household items infested with termites to soak them under the sun. This way you would be able to get rid of the termites. Sunlight is very helpful in killing the ants. If you feel that you are not well equipped to do the job yourself, you can call in fumigation services. The professional fumigation services provider would evaluate the situation and take care of the termites for you at a charge.

Types Of Termites & its signs

Termites swarms are the first signs of the start of their season. When you see a termite swarm, you should know that there is an infestation around. The prime reason for termites swarming is that they want to breed and start to build new colonies. These colonies symbolize the start of a new lifecycle for the termites. The male and female termites leave their nests to take flight. There are mud tubes used by ants. These termite tubes help them get food from outside the ground. The termite tubes are usually constructed where there is food on the ground. Some of the types of ants commonly linked to households include damp wood, dry wood, formason, conehead, desert , and subterranean termites.

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