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How World Reacted to Stephen Hawking’S Death

The one who spent all his life solving the mysteries of stars and this universe finally rests among the stars- Stephen Hawking the great physicist after Einstine passes away at the age of 76. According to media reports, family resources confirmed Stephen Hawking’s death and told he died peacefully at his home in Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking’s death has made the world deprived of scientist, motivational speaker, and a researcher whose undaunted struggle proved that physical disability can never bar an obstacle in the way of mind.

Stephen Hawking’s Contribution to the Science

Stephen Hawking who was born on January 8, 1942, died on March 14, 2018, on the birthday of another great physicist Einstein. In 1962 Hawking was diagnosed with Motor Neurons disease. Due to this he couldn’t speak or move but his brain’s health didn’t get affected.  Later, in 1965 he presented his famous Ph.D. thesis at the age of 23. Last year  Cambridge University uploaded Stephen Hawking thesis that went viral on the Internet.

Stephen Hawking is the author of the famous books, A Brief History of Time and Universe In A Nutshell. The scientist made an extensive research in the field of science including quantum mechanics and general relativity. According to him, his one of the greatest researchers was that black holes were not entirely black.

Reaction Over Stephen Hawking’s Death

On March 14, 2018, it was impossible for any social media user to scroll down without seeing or saying any word on the Stephen Hawking’s death. HIs fans paid tribute to him by talking about his discoveries, his contribution to the physics and his motivational quotes that are an inspiration for generations to come.

So, deep inside it was the love of people that made Universe worth it.

And, the man who discovered the mysteries of the world couldn’t understand women.

And, indeed we are proud that we lived through an era where we had Stephen Hawking with us.

And, the man was also famous for his wit.

Stephen Hawking summed up pretty well.

And, the legend of on point in this quote

 Precious Advice From Stephen Hawking

This is what he said to his children.

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