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How to Increase Memory Power And Concentration

Do you have the habit of forgetting things? Or you often need to smack your head for not remembering where you kept your belongings? If so, then don’t think yourself a retard or a dumbfounded person, as facing such issues is so typical for those who are mentally occupied and busy in juggling with multiple tasks at the same time. The good thing is getting out of this trouble is quite easy. All you need is to practice a bunch of exercises to increase memory power, bring a slight change in your routine and you are all set on your track to sharpen your mind.

Tips to Increase Memory Power and Concentration

Ability to stay focused and concentrate on any matter is not necessarily powered by some genetic trait. One can learn it at any stage of the life. For example, in the modern tech-powered era many old age people love to embrace the tech products or use the social media. They do so by enabling their brain to learn something new.

Here are the tips and tricks to increase memory power and concentration.

Make Your Brain Learn Something New

The secret of getting something new out of anything lies in keeping that thing active. To increase memory power, one should make attempts to add more neural pathways through a process called neuroplasticity. Such addition is possible only if brain learns new things and doesn’t remain stagnant. Briefly, the brain needs stimulation, which in this case is motivation, an urge to learn and make active attempts to do so. Well, learning something new not only increases the memory power but it is also one of the useful tips to become more intelligent.

Take Enough Sleep

For every adult a daily 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep is mandatory. Any disturbance in sleep-wake cycles also adversely affects the brain’s health. Taking full rest is also essential for losing the weight, but it is equally significant of increasing memory power. According to some reports memory builds when a person is in a deep sleep. To sleep well and earlier one should make sure to take off from the screen one hour before going to bed.

Improve Memory Power

Practice Yoga

An enhanced memory has a lot to do with how better a brain can concentrate on things, which is possible only if it gets purged of the unnecessary thoughts. Yes, just like the human body, the brain also needs a good detoxification session. As people want to know how to become more flexible via yoga, they should also know how to maintain concentration through it. Further, one way to increase the memory power is to get rid of stress. And yoga helps in keeping a person relaxed and calm by helping in getting rid of depression.

Do Physical Exercises

Physical exercises boost not only a sound body but also the sound mind. They help to improve reaction time that has a lot to do with maintaining concentration. Activities require a right mix of physical and mental coordination. Those who find it tough to follow a fitness regime merely to increase the memory power can also choose to participate in sports like Badminton and Tennis etc. actively.

Do Follow These Instructions

Further, solving puzzles, not missing an opportunity for a hearty laugh, saying no to stress and socializing with positive people are also activities that help to boost memory power and concentration.

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