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Internet Caught Xiaomi CEO Using iPhone for Promotion

Xiaomi is a huge electronics manufacturing company based in China. Recently, CEO Lei Jun posted a promotional image of some books for a brief moment on Weibo. It is a social media platform in China. Instead of getting caught in the promotion, the internet caught Jun for a small detail. He uploaded the post using Apple’s iPhone which caused a havoc in the comments section.

Just like other social media platforms, Weibo also identifies the smartphone from which the post is uploaded. People in China bashed Jun for being an executive of Xiaomi and personally using Apple’s phone instead of his own company’s phones.

Xiaomi CEO using iPhone Causes An Uproar Among Chinese People 

The CEO was mortified by the level of response from the public. The same old tedious argument about the iPhone being overrated or the best device stirred up. In order to diffuse this argument, Jun soon deleted the post but it was too late. The screenshots of the post are pretty much all over the internet by now.

It did not happen for the first. Several executives of Android smartphone companies have been caught using an iPhone in the past. Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei, praised the ecosystem of iPhone publicly and also bought them for his family. Realme India CEO, Madhav Sheth was also blasted for promoting his smartphones, Realme 3 and Realme 3i using an iPhone.

Why Do Executives Purchase Smartphones of Competing Brands?

People on Weibo reacted differently to this slight error. Despite the obvious users who love to flaunt their sense of humour, some users acted objectively and defended him. There were even those who totally denied the possibility of Xiaomi CEO using an iPhone.

One partner, Pan Jiutang stated that sometimes smartphone companies have to try phones from competing brands in order to strategize and visualize the future steps. 

It is quite normal for people to copy innovations and then modify and improve according to the needs of the target market. The partner also added that if owners of the smartphone companies deny the use of  Apple or Samsung , then it is not true and they are just pretending. Everybody has to admit the fact that the majority of people are attracted towards these two brands so it will be beneficial for any entrepreneur to use and analyze devices from both these giants.

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