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Pakistanis Show Outrage after Court Hints at YouTube Ban

Supreme Court of Pakistan hinted at possible YouTube ban in the country due to intolerable content found on the platform. Justice Qazi Amin mentioned that the video-sharing platform was provoking masses against the government, military, and judiciary. He declared that YouTube and many other social media users have targeted the honor of judges in outrageous ways.

Courts are mad at the platform for hosting content that incites hate towards Pakistani institutions. The judge asked Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) if they have checked the content and took action against the individuals who are criticizing the system. Court’s opinion made PTA raise questions through its Twitter handle if there was any need for YouTube or TikTok ban.

It is clearly an unsustainable solution because banning YouTube in Pakistan would not stop critics from highlighting grave issues in the governance of this country.

Is YouTube Ban Possible In Pakistan?

YouTube has been banned multiple times in Pakistan due to blasphemous and Islampohobic content. Many people condemned the government for ban and alleged that it was due to political interests rather than the honor of religion. YouTube is a video sharing platform where anyone can share their content for the sake of freedom of expression. By banning YouTube, Pakistan will only hinder its own growth in the digital world. The platform is a home to highly skilled content creators from Pakistan. It is not only a source for entertainment but for income and employment as well. Similarly, suspending the PUBG mobile game was also an irrational approach as millions of gamers suffered financial and psychological damage. 

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry also against the possible ban Supreme Court has threatened. Ever since the previous ban was lifted in 2016, the untiring efforts of Pakistani content creators have made a thriving ecosystem on the platform. Making the ban official will result in the destruction of that environment which is already flourishing and has great potential to make Pakistan digitally competitive.

People Use It to Learn Various Subjects and Skills

There are chances that students who incorporate digital resources are more successful than those who rely only on traditional education. Whether, its current affairs, economy, politics, humanitarianism, or academia, internet media platforms like YouTube allow a more diverse outlook on the matter.

People seek YouTube’s help in developing new skills so that they can achieve their goals in life. Due to the lack of reliable tutors and educators in Pakistan, YouTube provides an easy and safe way of taking lectures online. Many people will face a huge problem in gaining knowledge if YouTube is blocked again.

Courts Need To Have Their Software Updated

After listening to the Supreme Court, social media users suggest the judiciary to learn a thing or two about technology. Founder of Women in Tech invites the so-called judges to learn from them as thousands of unprivileged girls in Pakistan have learned to code and earn under their educational standards. 

It is difficult for the public to see digital revolution get busted as soon as it picks up the pace. People fear about the future of Pakistan if the leaders continue to make mindless decisions. There is a serious need of an expert related to technological issues because apparently courts and Pakistani government are incapable of understanding what’s at stake here.

Digital media industry must be encouraged and government and courts must remove barriers rather than becoming one.

Otherwise they might as well become the warlords that the government is glorifying these days. One can wonder why government was pushing to make Turkish Drama Drillis: Ertugrul famous in Pakistan

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