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What Players Think about PUBG Suspended in Pakistan?

State run Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) temporarily suspended the PUBG mobile game in the country.  This news was a travesty for some and for others it was a bliss. The popular multiplayer game has over 550 thousand players in Pakistan. Recently, few incidents of suicide were reported involving PUBG.

This led many people to file complaints against the video game for which PTA has taken this action. The complaints state that this video game is addictive, wastage of time, and has negative effects on the physical and mental health of players – which causes some to take extreme action like suicide. An official hearing will be held in Lahore High Court on 9th July, till then people are encouraged to provide their feedback in this regard.

Players React On PUBG Suspended In Pakistan

Although the suspension is temporary at the moment still players and haters both are coming up with their sides of opinion.

For some users, the decision to ban PUBG doesn’t seem logical enough. Even if this decision was taken to prevent suicides then what about the flawed education system in Pakistan which produces more suicides in Pakistan? One user says that this critically imbalanced system is causing more harm to society than a game could ever do.

There were also those who wanted the permanent ban of the video game. It is because the game contains violence and most parents are not comfortable with their children getting exposed to violence so casually.


Others criticized the government for banning a video game while the number of youth attracted towards porn keeps on rising. This user speculates that if the game is banned, that number will continue to rise. Attached is the press release by PTA that announces temporary suspension until the hearing.


Feedback To PTA

This one shared feedback in which he condemned the government for plotting illogical policies to achieve an unknown advantage. He added that it could result in more suicides if the ban is imposed. The game is loved by many and some even earn their livelihoods from it. The feedback concluded that the government just made a lazy decision to avoid dealing with the root of the problem. 

As per this opinion government must utilize time by doing something worthwhile rather than making PUBG another scapegoat of their failures.

There were also reference being made to the controversial content on Tik Tok and questioned if PUBG is doing more damage to the society than Tik Tok? This user suggests that there are different feelings in watching a real-life muser on mobile and taking down fake enemies to win in a video game.

Recently, Tik Tok was banned in India along with 59 other apps for security reasons.

Memes On The Other Hand

Memers could not pass this opportunity to display their creativity once again. First of all, a moment of silence for those who are unable to play PUBG right now

Mothers in Pakistan are the happiest right now

Even some girls who do not receive desired attention from boyfriends because of PUBG.

There is nothing they can do at least until the final hearing.

Or maybe they can do something as suggested by this user.


Someone would be very disappointed if Pakistanis used VPN for any other purpose than watching porn.


Another shocked user opined that it would have been better if Tik Tok got banned. Reason was attached to the tweet

Some have found the perfect passage of time in the shape of Call of Duty till PUBG’s suspension case is finalized.

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