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Appearance Of Harry Potter In Marvel Comic Book Isn’t A Crossover

Recently an image from a marvel comic book New Excalibur (2006) # 3 resurfaced. It appeared that the three wonder kids from the Harry Potter franchise have made a cameo in the comics. According to the reports, a potential crossover was underway. To most, this sounded ridiculous because both brands belong to different studios so how could this happen?

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley were bumped into by a famous Marvel X-Men character Juggernaut. One of them who appeared to be Hermoine Granger cried out the name Harry for the boy in round glasses. The moment can be easily missed during immersion because it happens for a brief moment.

Sarcastic Reactions To Harry Potter In Marvel Universe

When there were reports about Harry Potter potentially joining Marvel Universe, it generated mixed reactions. It might be the ultimate fantasy of a nerd to see two big franchises cross-over with each other but even the nerd are sure for it not happening.

This one suggested that probably there was no need to associate similar characters with the Harry Potter franchise.

So It Means No Crossover?

Not everyone seemed to take interest since they thought the stuff to be a mere clickbait. It could be because comic book fans are aware that a cross-over of that magnitude would have been greatly advertised

There were few that appeared angry for why such an idea was being prompted among the masses.

There is a huge difference of Universes between Marvel X-Men and Harry Potter. They can be surprises like this but being in a single universe is cinematically impossible right now.

This user suggests that the comic book fans have missed one crucial opportunity. The person who created the comics should have been the first target

Reasons Why Harry Potter Appeared In New Excalibur # 3

It was widely reported that Warner Bros’ Harry Potter may have joined Disney in Marvel’s Universe but neither studio confirmed. Nor did the writer J.K. Rowling made any comment on this matter. Two greatest rivals in the film industry; Disney and Warner Bros. have to share their revenues in order to get Harry Potter In Marvel Universe.
New Excalibur # 3 was published in 2006 and was set in London, UK. Since, Harry Potter was also set in the UK and by that time it had gained immense popularity by releasing four remarkable films. Generations later, Pakistani students also came up with a remake of the Harry Potter saga. The fame was so far-reaching that it also inspired Marvel to approach British audiences in this way.

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