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Halo Infinite Trailer Receives Heat Due To Low Quality In Graphics

Microsoft’s 343 Industries released a 9 minute Halo Infinite trailer at Xbox Series X Games Showcase. Halo Infinite is 6th game in the mainline series and 14th overall entry in the franchise. It highlighted almost all aspects of the game that will be featured in final version. It looks promising according to many gamers but also received criticism on its odd artwork that was different from the previous releases in the franchise.

The tech giant confirmed that Halo infinite will be an open-world experience with a map two times larger than previous editions. Visual effects have gotten more complex but the graphics and art direction seems to be dividing the fans of the franchise.

Halo Infinite Trailer Reveals Awesome New Features

Here is the first look at one of the most anticipated X Box games of 2020. 

Despite the funny graphics in the demo, the gamers have appreciated the addition of new and cool features. The playable character is now able to sprint unlike previous parts. It was necessary considering the large map and open-word gameplay. Last games had a linear gameplay due to which the lack of sprint function can be forgiven. 

People have also agreed with the addition of new weapons like automatic handgun from future and a grappling hook to scale the environment quickly. Microsoft promised faster loading times on the new X Box Series X which will be a powerful competitor to upcoming Sony PS5.

Mixed Reaction From Gamers On Social Media

Devoted fans of the franchise were surprised by the quality of graphics which is low in comparison to Halo 5 which was released 5 years ago. In the era of next gen gaming when even newcomers are creating awe-inspiring graphics, Halo infinite seem like rushed and cartoonish.

Below is a comparison of Halo 3 and Halo Infinite which are 13 years apart. As it can be seen that even in 2007 addition, the graphics seem more photorealistic than the newer game. Halo fans are still hoping that this issue will be fixed in the final release

Some have presented a challenge for Microsoft by comparing their art style with Sony’s. Video below shows how PS4 exclusive series Last of Us is graphically superior to X Box exclusive Halo Infinite.

There could be many reasons for 343 to incorporate such graphics in a flagship game. However, experienced gamers have felt some technical shortcomings due to which the graphics could not have been any better. One user pointed out that Halo infinite would be available on X Box One as well which was an older console with much lower specification than the upcoming X Box Series X. In that regard, the game should not have been executable for older console which was released in 2013.

They Will Still Play It Though

For the diehard fans of the series, it is difficult to admit where the game lacks. Expectations have always been high with every release of Halo which is why most fans are let down by the cartoon-inspired graphics. Apparently this difference may have infuriated some folks but the true fans of the series were interested in exploring what else the game has to offer in its full version.

The founder of GameXplain has explained that a game does not need to be highly artistic in order to deliver what it aims. If graphics were important in gaming, no one would be playing the first installment in the Halo series that broke almost all the records related to gaming in that era. The story involves a cybernetically enhanced soldier with a pet artificial intelligence named Cortana which was also the namesake for Microsoft’s virtual assistant in Windows 10.

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