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Zee5 Web Series Churails Gets Banned in Pakistan

Pakistani web series Churails run on Zee5 has been banned for Pakistani audience. According to media reports, the reason behind the ban was a viral scene for Hina Bayat in which she explicitly told how she gave sexual favors to reach the top echelons of her organization and become a CEO. While there was nothing untrue and unrealistic about Hina’s experience, her scene was deemed vulgar and inappropriate. The growing criticism from certain factions made Zee5 ban the show for the Pakistani audience, which was indeed outrageous for many other fans of the series.

Why Zee5 Banned Churails in Pakistan?

Firstly, the general wonderment by people is eating them from inside, since Churials is a Pakistani show, then why Zee5 Global, an Indian Channel, aired it. Secondly, the dilemma of why an Indian channel, which was visible in Pakistan, suddenly shunned its shows from being watched in Pakistan. The show belongs to the community of Pakistan; so, it does not make any sense. 

A few days back, a clip of the show went viral on social media. It shot public with a bullet of astonishment. The content was not much appreciated by the public, instead; they despised it and targeted it with criticism. Apparently, according to several entities, it was vulgar in terms of language use. This could be the reason behind the ban of Drama in Pakistan. Although, no confirmed reason was presented by any of the involved entities. 

Churails Fans Raising Questions on Ban

The ban on viewing the show in Pakistan shook its fans to their very core. According to plenty of people, the nation is unable to handle sad facts about society. Therefore, they condemn anything they cannot digest.

The series was not about sexuality or any sensual content but the issues that women in our society have to face. The show depicts the reality of what women go through in order to survive according to their cultural norms.

Plenty of 18+ western shows are on trending in Pakistan; for instance 365 days, Elite, Dark Desire, etc. However, our nation cannot tolerate Churails because of its language misuse or maybe because it shows them a mirror for how it treats its women. This does not justify the actions of such authorities, which took down the show because they thought it was inappropriate. 

As per reviews of certain individuals, the Pakistani population is filled with hypocrites. They don; thave any problem in watching shows like Game of Thrones, Banshee, and several others that contain adult content. Nevertheless, the moment they realized that a Pakistani show was portraying a fraction of 18+ content (note: apparently, there is nothing much that can be categorized as adult content); they took a stand against it in the name of their religion. They revealed their fakeness of being so-called Muslims. 

Allegedly, individuals blamed Pakistani officials for banning the series in Pakistan. According to them, it banned it because if women watched it, they will come to know about how men have been manipulating them. The women have been tolerating the burden of being stressed by men. 

It is quite strange that the series is watched and appreciated internationally. Conversely, it is being denied and shunned in its own country. It is such a waste of the artist’s hard work. People cannot even have a broad mindset to break the stereotypes and accept new narratives. 

Those who favored the Ban: 

Where there were those, who chose to talk in favor of the debarred drama, plenty talked about how it was unethical for Pakistani women to play such roles. The Pakistani film industry is on the verge of becoming the Pakistani porn Industry. The content and liberty given to women in the show, made it unethical an immoral for the audience. 

The celebrities need to get out of Pakistan if they wish to live like westerns, but they should not spoil the country with their inappropriate desires. They promote unethical behavior, which is not something that Pakistan can put up with. 

What is wrong with our nation; we are supporting shameful acts in order to become advanced and modern. Women expose their bodies and drink alcohol. Well, there is a difference is being liberal and unethical. 

Those who think, drinking and supporting nudity is associated with women empowerment, are entirely wrong and mentally sick. If the believe that wrongdoings make women stronger as they are depicted in the show, they need to reconsider their beliefs. This is the reason for banning the show.

Why Ban the Show If You Can Choose to Not Watch

A simple notion is that every person has the freedom to attain his/her heart’s desire. People who wish to follow social norms are free to do so and those who don’t agree with such regulations; can do whatever they wish to do unless their actions are harmless to others. Similarly, those who don’t find the show appropriate, shouldn’t watch it rather than criticizing those who wish to be a part of it. 

The ban can be removed just as another movie Zindagi tamasha hai regained its freedom to be watched by the public. 

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