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1st May Labor Day – International Workers’ Day

So what is May day anyway? May day history goes back to the 19th century. Some historians say that Peter J McGuire suggested celebrating the Labor day after seeing the annual labor festival held in Toronto.

In 1887, Portland Oregon was the First US State to celebrate it as an official holiday. The US started celebrating it as an official holiday throughout all US states by 1894.

History of May Day

May day history related to many horrifying events which would ignore the basic labor rights. However, one of the most famous events took place in Chicago back in 1886. The peaceful laborers were protesting against some wage-related issue when the police confronted them to disperse the crowd. However, an unidentified person threw a bomb at the police.

The bomb attack prompted the cops to respond by firing at the crowd. The firing incident and later reaction from the laborers resulted in deaths on both sides. The tussle claimed the lives of sixty police officers and countless civilians. The police authorities then gave strict punishments to sympathizers of the laborers. The authorities executed 4 of the workers by hanging. However, a subsequent trial revealed the hangings as a miscarriage of justice.

Labor Day Wishes

The labor day wishes mark celebration of the laborers. The labor day wishes serve as a motivation for the workers to unite for their rights against oppression, and exploitation. This day gives the entire world’s laborers a unified platform to raise their voice, and come together in unison.

Speech of Importance of Labor Day in English

You can start your speech with May day history. You can talk about the Labor day origin. There are so many ways to describe the Labor day.

Labor DayJust make sure that you consider the sacrifices given by many workers for their right. Here is one way to start your speech on why we need to celebrate labor day.

The May day is not just any other day. It is the time to celebrate the rights of the workers who work in factories, build roads, and construct houses. These laborers keep the wheel of the economy moving. These unsung heroes behind the mega infrastructure development in our cities and industries often have their work go unnoticed.

This day, we celebrate and honor these selfless workers to whom we owe our development. No city can be built without great workers contributing immensely towards its development. We must vow to fight for the rights of the laborers whose efforts and skills create structures from scratch. Let us promise that we will never forget our workers this day.

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