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Antonio Brown Accused of Raping A Gymnast

Antonio Brown, the New England Patriots superstar, has been accused of raping a 28-year-old gymnast whom he requested to help out in improving his flexibility and strength.

Antonio Brown Sexually Assaulted Me Three-Time, says Taylor

The lawsuit by Britney Taylor, stated that the accused sexually assaulted her three-time between 2017 and 2018 when she met him for a private lesson. The football star first contacted the Taylor through Facebook in June of 2017 to help him improve his athletic abilities.

The football star allegedly assaulted Taylor on the first two trips after which she severed all contact with him. During this gap, Brown bragged about how he sexually assaulted her via text to other people.

He Raped Me In His Bedroom

She started seeing him again after he apologized for his behavior and promised to provide her with a hotel room during her stay. In 2018 the pair was in Miami when Brown raped her in his bedroom. 

“It’s not been easy coming forth after the experience I’ve had, but I felt it was necessary to do this,” said Taylor,  “So with the love and support of family I’m doing this.”

The Patriot star, while rebuking the allegation through his lawyer, said,” I have worked hard and sweat for a long time in order to get where I am. I’m not going down without a fight.”

This Is Classic Case Of Extortion

According to Brown’s lawyer, this is nothing more than a classic case of sex and extortion. Brown’s lawyer further added that the incident in Miami happened on consensual bases. After a night out in the town, Taylor inviter herself into browns residency where she proceeded to initiate the intimate acts that soon followed.

A spokesman for the New England Patriots while talking to the media said “we are aware of what is going on and will keep a close on the proceeding. We take such allegation very seriously and in no way support such acts. We will launch an independent inquiry.”

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