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MeToo Movement- An Alarm For Patriarchy’s End or Spice for Tabloids?

The popular MeToo movement is gaining momentum every passing day. What arose from the studios of Hollywood has traversed the globe and reached sub-continent.

After Tanushree Dutta called upon Nana Patekar for sexually harassing her, an Indian photojournalist came up with her bitter memories with renowned singer Kailash Kher and then there came more journalists narrating the gruesome experiences of humiliation they suffered at the hands of male colleagues.

The Real Villains of MeToo Movement

It would be safe to say that the MeToo movement is indeed heralding a social change concerning gender disparity. Its impact is global, and it is making people know how far the world is from empowering women who are still deemed as a week and vulnerable creature whose honor is not considered worth a dime.

Before, predicting the scope of MeToo movement it will be mandatory to talk about who are the real villains of MeToo and how society is reacting to them. Unfortunately, the response to the ever-rising accusation of women against their colleagues is nothing more than the public’s shock upon receiving startling revelations on how some celebrities behaved with females.

Till now #MeToo movement has not done any better than giving media some lucrative headings Talking about big names of showbiz accused of sexually harassing their colleagues

It has supplied them with some new material about accused slamming legal notices of defamation against the victims who then denied receiving any such notices. Or there was media getting to know about some legal battles that involved some celebrities.

What if Accused Admit If They Have Harassed

Most of the times or everytime accused has totally denied the accusations of victims. Even if it is Ali Zafar, Cristiano Ronaldo or Nana Patekar, everyone has refuted the claims of molesting, raping or harassing the women. We have a few cases, where organizations showed some responsibilities and men accused of behaving inappropriately with females have tried to admit that some wrong had been done on their part as well.

And, these examples include the famous Indian comedy group All India Backchod that immediately reacted against its co-founders Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba who became center of media attention in the wake of MeToo movement.

There was also a response from Gursimran Khamba where he elaborated what had happened with detail and also explained his behavior.

The Real Objective or MeToo Movement

Let’s suppose the world comes out to the support of all those women who ever suffered humiliation at the hands of their male counterparts only because they were weak only because they were vulnerable, only because they were perceived to be dominated then how this recognition will benefit.

The issue is deeply rooted in patriarchal society. The real goal of MeToo movement can’t be achieved unless we don’t realize that women are not any lesser in importance only because they are physically weak. Men of this world need to look at women as their equal counterparts, who have feelings, desires, self-respect and who are not only a ‘hole’ but as a whole an individual no lessor in stature to them. The respect shouldn’t mean a ladies first rule by perceiving them weak, it is all about giving a due consideration to their consent and understanding that the word “No” literally means “No”.

The MeToo movement will become successful only if it helps women achieve the status of an equal human being in society.


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