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Is Cristiano Ronaldo Really A Rapist And Nana Pateker A Molester ?

When the #Metoo started many females who were considered to be the strongest part of this society stood up and spoke about the harassment which was their destiny as they choose the path of fame and strength. In fact, Those females who were sexually molested and raped by the famous personalities which are the role models for many have now raised a question against these men. After Nana Patekar got accused by Tanushree Dutta, for sexual assault Cristiano Ronaldo is also going to face court against the allegations imposed by Kathryn Mayorga that football star raped her!

Cristiano Ronaldo Raped Kathryn Mayorga

According to the victim they both met in 2009 when Ranaldo, 29 and Mygora 25 exchanged their cell phone numbers. Next day she got a call from Football star and he invited her over a party. Where Cristiano Ronaldo not only sneaked at the lady but also forced her to kiss and then raped her when she was in shower choosing clothes for the party.


Some sources also say that Cristiano Ronaldo is guilty on record. The victim told media that the famous football player purchased her silence for $375,000.

Tweet Fight

After this news came in the limelight the owner of Juventus FC started protecting the player to save the shares and reputation of the team in the market and society. He took this over twitter and expressed what he thinks about it.


Now with this other personalities stood against this tweet from the official account of Juventus

Nike in Trouble

Now after Ranaldo’s Team Nike also has concerns about the player as he is the brand ambassador of world’s largest sports brand but at the same time, no tweet came in the favor of Ranaldo from this brand. Whereas some media sources have claimed that Nike is also very concerned about the reputation of the brand. Whereas Cristiano Ranaldo has completely refused this allegation like a pro!

Nana Patkar and Tanushree Dutta

Not exactly a rape case but the harassment accusation have noted from Tanushree Dutta Bollywood actress over Nana Patekar as well. In this, she has expressed her life struggles and the harassment she has faced by one of the most professional and talented actors in Bollywood.


Nana Paketar has totally refused these allegations as Ranaldo did. But Tanushree Dutta got 2 notices from the court regarding these allegations. She stated that “this is the price you pay when you talk about harassment.”

Bollywood’s Stance Towards This Controversy

Several Bollywood stars have been giving different stances regarding these allegations. The controversy queens like Rakhi Sawant has abused and accused Tanushree of this act and many people called her a slut and drug addict.


Bollywood stars have supported her as well.



Even journalist are supporting Tanushree Dutta

What Will Be The Result Of This MeToo and How Will The Harassment End?

Now, most of the people are speechless because due to #metoo movement many females all around the world are encouraged to speak regarding the harassment they faced. Even many award People are shocked to see that those who were once considered a role model are involved in similar acts. These people might have big names in their professions but they are very low in their characters definitions.

Such people make victims raise their voice when the time has gone! They are the reasons why females scream when these screams are worthless and voiceless! We need to have a better workplace and community in our society where no man would have the right to molest or rape his or her colleague or friend or any person! Only this way the world will become a better place which all females and children deserve!

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