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What Do iPhone 11 Memes Say about New Apple Release

Apple has finally dropped its flagship mobile leaving fan disappointed. As experts concluded before the release the new iPhone was all going to be all about those edged three cameras that have reduced this product to a mere joke; a fact evident from those iPhone 11 memes viral on the social media. While Apple fans might have been thinking if buying a new iPhone is worth it or not the other users are social media are just enjoying the fresh supply of memes.

iPhone 11 Memes Poking Fun At Cameras

In the Apple Event on Tuesday, September 10 Apple released three phones; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max.

And all these new iPhones had was this…

The innovation just looks like a product of Mitosis- a purely biological process.

Now it seems that even after 10 years the innovation in Apple’s flagship will be all about cameras,

Even Malala Yousafzai couldn’t resist poking fun at the new smartphone.

Finally, someone pointed out towards the real change that iPhone had to offer.

iPhone 11 Memes on Price

Every year when new iPhone’s release is around the corner netizens start sharing those memes about users selling their kidneys to buy the new phone; this time it was no exception.

There were just questions on why someone should be paying hefty amount for an overrated iPhone.

This was the winner among all the iPhone 11 memes because many users were thinking that the new design simply resembled a couple of stoves assembled on a shelf in the kitchen.

It is a model that looks like a fidget spinner but doesn’t work like it.

Should You Buy It

Apart from cameras, another update in iPhone 11 is iOS 13, but most of the users might not be needing it. Even those who are obsessed with iPhones should wait for the next release mainly because the world is edging towards 5G era and this year’s iPhone is not likely to be compatible with it.

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