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Apple’s Sales Drop As Users Stop Upgrading iPhones

The year 2018 didn’t fare well for Apple in term of sales revenue. The company’s shares reportedly dropped by 10%, the lowest since 2013. Folks may wonder why Apple that sells iPhone with a kidney’s worth is seeing reduced gross margins.

Reasons Behind Fewer iPhone Sales

There are multiples factors behind Apple’s low revenue and falling stock prices. But, it seems that Apple’s controversial slowdown of iPhone is making company face consequences.

Earlier, Apple had admitted slowing down of smartphones in order to prevent the sudden shut down. The company had to confess this after it faced complaints of slowing down its smartphones prior to new iPhone releases.

Later, Apple had provided the solution of this problem in the form of cheap battery replacements. According to reports, users resorted to replacing batteries rather than buying new phones.

Too Expensive Smartphone

The batteries slowdown thing to avoid shutting down of phones really proved to be one of the reasons why iPhone is overrated. Another factor that might have contributed to reduced inclination of buying upgraded phones could be price factors. 2018 launches of iPhones cost four digits. Further a strong dollar made it more difficult for the users outside the United States to buy new iPhone.

Alternate Options

Apart from battery issues, and high prices of iPhone another factor for low iPhones sales is said to be the emergence of other alternatives. Last year, few Chinese mobile companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo remained popular among users particularly for some unique features in their flagships that too at low prices. Hence switching to cost effective smartphones might have also caused lower sales for Apple’s smartphones.

Another reason behind lower iPhone sales can be US-China trade war which is effecting the companies of both the countries.

A Need to Come up with Robust Marketing Strategy

In order to recover its losses and increase sales of its upcoming iPhones, Apple really needs to be good at its upgrades and must offer them at a competitive price. The company may not rely on its brand image any more rather it may need to focus on some solid efforts to restore its status.

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