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Best Places to See Northern Lights in 2018

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are a marvelous expression of nature. In reality, these lights are a mere confrontation of charged gaseous particles with Earth’s atmosphere. But, colorful show of this scientific phenomenon on Earth’s north and the South Pole is more than a treat to eyes. Glancing at the galaxy of red, green, purple and yellow colors, spreading over, the horizon offers a mesmerizing experience. Every onlooker who gets a chance to feast upon this spectacle only wishes to lock in the time, to cherish the moment forever.

The exhibition of Aurora is visible only at the North and South poles of the Earth. Due to cold, dry conditions in Antarctica, witnessing these lights at South Poles might not be possible. Hence, countries located at Northern Poles, prove to be the best place to enjoy this view.

Here are the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights

1. Svalbard, Norway

The chances of spotting the Northern Lights are more in Norway than any other place. A unique aspect of Svalbard, Norway is that it is the only place on Earth where you can see these lights even in the day. Searching for these gaseous galaxies is also another fun. You can use a pick up to reach your destination or take help from a dog sled. Reaching Svalbard from Tromso or Oslo is possible. Best months to visit the place are from September to April. So, you can visit the sight of Northern lights as part of New Year’s crazy celebration.

2. Swedish Lapland

Visitors can catch Northern Lights at Swedish Lapland between October and March. Aurora display at this place is also typical during the clear weathers. In Swedish Lapland, the places like Jukkasjarvi and Lulea Archipelago are the best sites to amuse from Aurora display. Don’t think that paying a visit to the place during the winter season, would bar your outdoor activities. You can enjoy activities like dog sledding, ice fishing, and outdoor camping.

Northern Lights

3. Tromso, Norway

Tromso in Norway is not only famous for Northern Lights but also for offering a lively and jubilant life. The city is home to many bars, clubs, and pubs. You can reach from London to Tromso in 3.5 hours via flight. Chances of seeing Northern lights in Tromso are higher than any other place in the world because the city is located in the heart of Arctic.

4. Yukon in Canada

Canadian citizens are lucky enough to enjoy Aurora exhibition in Yukon. One can see this colorful blanket of solar wind from August to the entire winter season. For people who need a break from busy routine, in the ever fast life of Canada, watching the magnificent view of Northern Lights is worth a treat.

5. Northern Lights in Reykjavik Iceland

Apart from the diverse cultural events and geothermal poles, Northern Lights are another gem that Reykjavik in Iceland has to offer. If you are in the city, then don’t miss to visit the worth seeing volcanoes, in the town. Iceland also gives you an opportunity to see the aurora exhibition from a plane as well. The best place in Iceland to enjoy the Northern Lights is Hofdabrekka. Seeing the aurora with a crowd is indeed a treat, but the right thing can be watching these lights in solitude.

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