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What Are the Best Free Things to Do in London

Who doesn’t love London; the ancient city brimming with cultural diversity. There are several free things to do in London; city’s streets, markets, museums, historic buildings and monuments have got a unique spectacle for onlookers. It is the amalgam of tradition and modernity that beautifully reflects in every inch of the city and attracts millions of tourists towards it.

Free Things to Do In London

Being a capital of England and an important city of the world, London is indeed an expensive city; In fact, living here is no fun in term of meeting financial needs. But, tourists don’t need to worry much as the city is generous enough to offer them many spectacular views free of cost.

Pay A Visit to British Museum

Paying a visit to the British museum is one of the best free things to do in London. The place has millions of artifacts from all over the world. Those who love to see the glory of bygone past must come to this place that has accumulated wonders from all the civilizations of the past.

House of Parliament

Watching debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords is indeed a way of intellect enrichment. Usually, paying a visit to the British House of Parliament is not free of cost. But, tourists can get in the queue to sit in guests’ gallery and eye witness the proceedings of parliament. You can also watch the iconic Big Ben in the neo-Gothic and enchanting building of House of Parliament.

National Gallery

London is famous as a cultural city for some reason. National Gallery is another place where connoisseurs of art and paintings can get to see the masterpieces from the work of famous artists. Every year millions of tourists throng this place to view paintings by the legends like Michaelangelo and da Vinci.

Greenwich Park

The main reason behind why Paris is always a good idea is the French capital’s fame as a romantic city. But London is not limited to one thing only. It equally embraces everyone whether they are single, lovebirds, family members or just tourists. Greenwich Park is one such example of a place in London where everyone can go. The best thing about this park is its hill that offers a view of slithering Thames, Queen’s house, skyscrapers of the city and much more. The park is the perfect place for a picnic.

Borough Market

Well, if you dont want to spend money on anything then you better not go to Borough Market because risk is that you will always end up buying something from there. But, Borough Market is a worth seeing place. It is also a heaven for food lovers who get to feast upon diverse food from all the corners of the world.

Changing of the Guard Ceremonies

Some of the best spectacles in London are related to the city’s royal life; changing of the guard ceremony outside the Buckingham Palace takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning. Thousands of tourists see the guards in chequered tunics handing over the charge.

Visiting the Museums

Visiting the countless museums is indeed one of the best free things to do in London. Apart from the British Museum, visitors can go to The National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum and Science Museum.

Some Other Free Things to Do in London

It all depends upon a person’s curiosity and an urge for exploration. Otherwise London always waits for its tourists with open arms. Visitors are free to take leisure strolls on the banks of Thames, watch London Eye, visit places like Portobello Road Market, St Paul’s Church, The East London Street Art and much more.

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