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Preity Zinta Reveals Her Entertainment Journey Started with Chocolate

Who hasn’t heard of Preity Zinta with films like DIl Se and Soldier. She is highly regarded in Bollywood and has won two film fare awards. She’s worked with the  actors like SRK and Bobby Deol. Kal Ho Naa Ho star recently gave fans an insight into start of her career.

Preity Zinta’s Entry into Entertainment Indusrty

Preity, in a recent Tweet, answered the most frequently asked question about her career. It just made fans nostalgic about their past and reminded them of time when pure natural smiles mattered.

Can you believe it ? This is the commercial that kick-started her career? She met the ad director at a friend’s birthday party who persuaded her to audition for the role. After that, she appeared in many catalogs and ads that finally landed her in films.

How Fans Responded to Preity’s Revelation

Preity’s tweet about the commercial received a huge applause from the fans; It made them take a sneak peek into their childhood for and remember those beautiful moments. In fact, it was all about relatability that attracted the fans most.

The people have always showered their love on her. Whereever she went she would develop a huge fan following. Her smile lit the room and placed a smile on everyone’s face.

As this Twitter user explains how this commercial was a reason why he started following Priety Zinta in his life even when there was no social media.

And how come folks could resist making a reference to her smile and dimples.

Some fans opined that her smile was the best part of their childhood. And, her dimples and smile are immensely loved by her fans who continued to admire her, despite remaining absent from the screen for years.

Playing the Diverse Roles

Her breakthrough came when she did Kya Kehna; a film that earned her wider recognition became a hit.

Preity Zinta on many occasions has used her stardom to promote social awareness. One example is her role of a teenage mother and how she had to fight social prejudice in the film; something that received huge appreciation from the critics.

Preity broke away from the conventional role played by heroins She would often select parts other would reject for being unconventional.

 Whatever role she played she would bring it to life. Her superb acting and the ability to do bold character made her the first choice for every director who wanted to try something different. At the peak of her career she was the queen of endorsements almost every brand was after her.

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