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Faulty BRT Peshawar Bus Turns Passengers Into Laborers

Pun intended; the BRT Peshawar Bus passengers have found a new hobby while traveling on the bus. According to media reports and public views, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses carry faults since the vehicles stop in the middle of the road. Recently, the series of events took a new turn when the passengers got out of the bus and started pushing it believing that they will start the bus. They didn’t realize the technical fault wasn’t that easy to resolve. Poor creatures were just tired of waiting for the authorities to take a look at the fault. 

One Bus Caused Trouble For The Whole BRT System 

Just recently, the Punjab government has launched another subsidized public transport project in the form of the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train.

It marked the start of Pakistan’s first ever Metro train which operates on international standards and offers seamless public transport facility to citizens of Lahore.

The story doesn’t end with just one broken bus since there is only one track that counts as a route for multiple buses. Due to the broken vehicle, the passengers had to move out and the other busses on the route had to stop because the bus was blocking the track. This little fault became an immense problem for the passengers because of the authorities’ laziness. 

Public’s Concerns 

Many individuals talked about the passengers’ bad luck reinforced by the fault in the BRT Peshawar bus. On the other hand, a different point of view came to light that how come a bus from million-dollar mass transit public project can break down in the middle of the road. 

As per the public, they should not face such problems since they pay tax for the completion and maintenance of such projects. Peshawar BRT which was a much-hyped project and started with the delay has already a fair share of corruption controversies.

The Situation Was Rather Funny For Plenty   

Acknowledging the passengers’ way of dealing with the problem, a good number of individuals found it amusing how the travelers were pushing the faulty BRT Peshawar bus. People raised the question of whether these people were being funny by pushing the bus or were they proving their idiocy through the act. 

It seemed funny to see those passengers putting an effort to make ends meet when there was no point in exhausting themselves over a technically faulted vehicle. However, it was a matter of shame for authorities who despite sepnding billions from public’s tax couldn’t offer hassle free transport.  

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