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Christmas Giveaway from Celebrities Fools Instagram Users

Have you come across Christmas Giveaway offer from the celebrities Instagram account? Many such accounts in the name of Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and boxer Floyd Mayweather are giving away an amount up to $5000 for this Christmas.

Well, there doesn’t seem any reality behind such offer as these accounts are a mere hoax; they are making users share their bank account details and other personal information.

What is more astonishing is that people are blindly sharing their details, despite knowing that there is no truth in such offers.

What is the reality of such fake Christmas Giveaway offers?

A Verified Oprah Winfrey Account

It all began with a verified Oprah Winfrey account that had more than 400k followers. It seems scammers had considered all the factors to make sure that people believe in a fraudulent Christmas giveaway. It is tough for a person not to trust an offer from a celebrity social media account that has a blue tick on it. Apart from Oprah, other such lucrative offers came from fake Instagram accounts of boxer Floyd Mayweather and director Tyler Perry.

The accounts first ask users to follow them and later make them share their email address and details of the bank accounts to get the money transferred.

Now, Oprah Winfrey has denied associations with any such account like @ownchristmas by saying it a scam.

How People Trusted Christmas Giveaway Offers?

Perhaps, everyone is looking to come up with unique ideas, to celebrate this Christmas. The fashionistas are introducing the new styles, like crazy Christmas tree eyebrows while money looters have chosen the Christmas giveaway offers.

The way, such fake accounts are pretending to give money is very much genuine. They also make sure that followers believe them. For this purpose, they provide instructions to transfer the information safely. For example, they ask people to not leave their details like an email address in the comment box, but share them in a direct message.

These accounts are also posting the instruction that makes people think that a considerable amount of money is being distributed to so many people. Like they ask users to send their CASH APP user’s name so that process of money distribution can become quicker.

But, People want to believe this Fake Account. Why?

There is a reason why such fake account finds a concern to exist. The response to @ownchristmas makes it very much evident. According to reports, people who want to avail this $5000 free Christmas giveaway offer were looking for money for various purposes. There were homeless who tried to have a home, and there were people who were looking to start their business with this money. They didn’t bother whether the accounts were fake or real, they just considered them a ray of light at the end of dark tunnel.

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