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Pakistanis are Ticked at PTI for the Deplorable Economy

Pakistanis are ticked at PTI for the deplorable economy Pakistan is facing. The party that was meant to change the outlook of the country and improve living standards is under fire for not delivering on what it promised.

PTI Being Bashed for Deplorable Economy

The countries deplorable economy is bringing tears to the eyes of many people causing them to second judge their decision to vote for PTI

Economy was one of the major challenges faced Prime Minister of Pakistan. But it seems that his government has failed to tackle this challenge so far as no robust strategy to tackle this issue seems in place.

Public is actually so frustrated and angry with finance minister Assad Umer  and the deplorable economic conditions his policies have generated in Pakistan.

Many feel that the only thing Assad Umar is good at is talking. Ever  since he became the finance minister the economic condition of Pakistan have gone from bad to worse. As a result of his policies Pakistan has is expected to have the lowest growth rate in all of Asia.

Many are calling to put an end to this hypocrisy that is floating over the social media and let Imran Khan and his team work as they are honest, unlike others.

The recent interview of ex-Finance Minister Ishaq Dar just added fuel to injury

People are angry at Ishaq Dar for appearing on different TV shows and acting like he did a better job as the finance minister of Pakistan. They feel that the only reason we are in this situation is because of him, so he has no right to comment

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