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Drake Got Booed of Stage- Here’s What People Think

During a guest performance at the annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival, the Canadian singer Drake got booed off stage by the crowd gathered there to listen to Frank Oceans, who has risen to recent fame.

Folks Reacting to Drake Getting Booed of Stage

After popping in stage and singing two songs, the crowd apparently got fed up with Drake and booed him off stage. According to some videos that went viral on social media suggest the crowd had gathered to listen to Frank Oceans.

Fans and people who attended the concert are shocked at what has happened. The hip hop sensation has never in his life faced such rude crowed. Where ever he goes, the singer is welcomed with open arms and is greeted with immense love.

This’s not nice

It’s perfectly ok to have likes and dislike when it comes to singers or artists but to treat someone like this is extremely rude not to mention disrespectful. It’s just wrong 

Rivals singers after looking at what had happened to the four-time Grammy winner must have felt overjoyed or like this

O Lord Have Mercy

It happens some people were so sick and tired of listening to the singer that if they knew that it would take a bunch of boos to get him off stage, they would have paid people to start booing a long time age ago just to get some peace.

Some fans were heartbroken after not being able to get tickets to the amazing show, but after finding out that Frank had failed to show up and perform at the show were overjoyed and happy that their hard-earned money did not go to waste.

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