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Dubai Garden Glow Is Offering Visitors to See the Most Aesthetic Things

Dubai Garden Glow 7th season opened its gates for the visitors to witness the beauty of art on Monday. Undoubtedly, Dubai is filled with charms and the event is certainly considered to be the most unique and profoundly aesthetic for families to come and enjoy. The latest season has come up with a new idea of astonishing the public. People willing to visit the venue, Zaabeel Park will see glowing sculptures of animals, flower valleys, a safari section, and other beautiful attractions.

Most Attractive Things to See at Dubai Garden Glow

The world’s largest theme park is all set to entertain the guests with its 10 million LED lights. The entire place looks like a glittering grid station. One of the Interesting things about Dubai Garden Glow is that many artists across the world have participated in making it look iconic. Although, some of the attractive things are certainly going to catch the eyes of people.

The Live Dinosaurs

For those who have an eye for paleontology and are obsessed with the creatures of ancient history, the live dinosaur section seems to be the appropriate choice. The visitors can witness giant dinosaurs that move and roar. To be exact, the park has 100 prehistoric creatures for its audience. The section includes multiple educational points including a Dino-museum that is a sheer way of increasing the public’s knowledge regarding the creatures.

The Glowing Safari

Surely, many people visit Zoos and Safari parks to see animals. But the Dubai Garden Glow is something that has portrayed wildlife uniquely. Simply put, it isn’t usual to witness brightly glowing tigers and other creatures of the jungle. It’s good to see the wild creatures live but grasping an attractive and artistic aspect of such animals is also breathtaking. Thus, the park has portrayed the animals exceptionally and artistically. The glowing safari is the new addition in the 7th season and looks extremely beautiful too.

Magic Park

For those who are fond of illusions and magic, the venue has set up a whole section to fulfill the purpose. It has 25 exhibits including sections with 3D artworks and optical illusions for the public to enjoy. The upside-down room seems to be one of the finest among all.

The Ice Park

The place is filled with ice sculptures of animals. A person doesn’t see ice-formed animals on regular days. The Dubai Garden Glow has done wonders with the venue for its audience.

Recycled and Handcrafted Art

The Park has an environmentally friendly part where all the figures and sculptures are gigantic. Significantly, all the artwork has been done by 100 artists from different parts of the world. They came, handcrafted the art pieces, and made everything presentable for the public. Most importantly, they used recyclable things for their work. Hence, the section is entirely environmentally friendly.  

Reviews About the Park

The world has several eye-catching places that can truly amuse a person. For instance, the US Disney parks are good venues to visit. But a theme park like the Dubai Golden Glow is something out of the world. The director of public parks, Ahmed Al Zarooni congratulated the park for its success. He gave a positive opinion about the place and advised people to visit since he like it very much. He emphasized seeing the glowing safari.

A resident also presented his views about the place. He talked about his fondness of Dinosaurs and had watched all the movies featuring the creatures. He visited the park with his nephew from Pakistan was eager to show him the giant creatures. 

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