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Beware of Etihad Group of Comapnies Fake Jobs Offer Scam

Few days back my friend told me about recieving an SMS from Etihad Group of Companies offering her a job she had never applied for. The SMS also asked her to check email for job proposal and contact at an email address. Well, my friend was not interested in accepting offer as she had never applied for the post hence she ignored it. But, out of sheer curiosity I decided to search about the Etihad Group and I was shocked to find out that the company was offering fake jobs to many Pakistani youngsters.

Here is the SMS that my friend received.

Etihad Group Jobs Scam

It was simply using the name of a U.A.E based corporation to lure job seekers for some purpose which is still unclear.

Etihad Group Fake Job Offers

During my search about the company I found that other people also shared their experience of receiving such job offers. Interestingly, the SMS template was same except the name of the person, email address and the post offered.

What Could be the Purpose of Such Fake Job Offer?

It is natural to question what could be purpose of such fake job offers. Well, according to some social media posts these people in the name of Etihad Group jobs, ask Pakistani youngsters to get their medical examination done from a specific laboratory that costs no less than 9000 Rs. So, it is obvious that all this scheme is aimed at looting money from young job seekers by luring them to get settled in U.A.E. But, its sole purpose is to run the business of some medical laboratory.

The Medical Lab Involved with Etihad Group

A Facebook page with the name of Etihad Group Fraud shows that Rahila Research and Reference lab is also involved in scam. The laboratory urges to submit passport and Id and charge hefty amount for doing medical checkup.

The Facebook page also shows how the company’s website is fake by proving that there is contradiction between its products and services and the pictures shown. Further the categories and content on website also look copy paste and the P.O box number shown on the page is also fake and doesn’t exist.

According to the said page the company which seems to be non-existent also throws fake job offers in the name of Dubai Expo 2020.

What Is So Alarming

Well, luring youngsters into fake job offers in modern days is not such easy, because most of them have access to internet and they do a quick search to find whereabouts of their employers. The disturbing question is how come this fraudulent companies manage to get mobile numbers, email addresses and names of the youth. If they can use their data to send fake job offers they can also use it for some other purposes. So, authorities must be vigilant enough to take action against such acts which are no lessor serious that cyber crimes.

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