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Facebook Faces Data Collection Limitation in Germany

It seems the past one and half year has not been kind to Facebook. After suffering endless allegation and being accused of selling user data to the highest bidder, Germany has decided to limit Facebook data collection freedom too.

Why to Bar Facebook from Data Collection?

In the wake of recent events and accusation, Germany’s Federal Competition Office (FCO) announced that it is going to limit Facebook ability to collect data through its application like WhatsApp, Instagram and other third parties it has hired. It seems that decision came after tech giant announced to integrate Instagram with WhatsApp.

FCO in a statement to the media said that Facebook has been embedding certain feature like the like button without seeking permission from the user. After a user agrees to the social network’s terms and conditions.it starts to collect data of all kind associated to the user regardless

The way the social media giant gets its users to agree its terms seems forceful. It gives them no choice either they agree to the conditions and proceed, or they will not be able to use Facebook at all.

Looking at the fact, the Facebook is the largest social media platform in Germany with 23 million active users and facing no competition it is fair to limit its data collecting ability to ensure user data protection said a FOC spokesperson while talking to the media.

Has This Happened Before?

Germany isn’t the first country to limit Facebook data collecting ability just recently in the US, and the UK Facebook has been linked to collecting and selling user data. Just recently Facebook CEO Mark Zucker Berg was called before an intelligence committee to answer questions regarding Facebook functionality. In wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal.

So, after the United States and United Kingdom it is Germany’s turn to launch crackdown on social media giant for limiting its data collection ability.

How Facebook Responded to Germany’s Act of Limiting Data Collection

Facebook in a statement released said the FCO laws are being misapplied they should be the same for all and should not single out one company. Facebook further added we face significant competition from companies like Twitter, YouTube and snap chat which also need to be subjugated to the same rules.

The social media company made it very clear that it will appeal against the FOC’s decision.it further said that Facebook European HQ is in Ireland so the Irish data protection commission should overlook how it uses user data instead of the FOC.

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