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5 Scenes from Friends Reunion that Fans Admire the Most

HBO max presently aired one of the most anticipated sitcoms, Friends Reunion. It was already a talk of the town for many years. When the news broke about the reunion of the Friends cast, the fans became excited. The delay in shooting and rumors about its cancellation made admirers go nuts over the fact that they won’t be able to watch six of the most entertaining people on the planet. Now that the show has been on one of the most-watched streaming platforms, the viewers are liking it. They are even expressing how delighted they felt to watch the cast after seventeen years. Some social media users stated that the show was good but some scenes took their breath away. 

Friends Reunion Is A Success

Friends Reunion was released on HBO Max on May 27, 2021, and it made fans happy. The love of viewers directed it towards great success, as it was already predicted. IMDB gave it 8.7 /10 on its rating chart, which is quite impressive for a show which was finished in 2004. People kept it alive by watching it over and over again on streaming platforms. The show had some scenes that made spectators go down memory lane. 

Phoebe’s Smelly Cat Performance  

Back in the ’90s, people used to watch Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe, play guitar at Central Perk while singing lousy songs and laugh. Their favorite one was the smelly cat, which was about a cat no one loved. The reunion created a nostalgic effect for the Friends lovers when they saw Kudrow bringing young Phoebe alive through her singing. Also, the special guest appearance was a cherry on top as the fans enjoyed Lady Gaga, a pop star singing alongside the singer of smelly cat. 

Matt LeBlanc and Mathew Perry’s Sofa Quarrel

Friends fans would remember the time when Chandler and Joey were not getting ready for Ross’s party in ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ episode. In the reunion, the cast recreated the whole situation. Although, one tiny detail wasn’t revealed until now. Not even the bloopers could show what had happened in the real scene. LeBlanc told the story that while he was jumping in the chair, he dislocated his arm. It took four attempts to finally record the scene. 

The Ross Trivia Quiz

David Schwimmer recreates the whole trivia quiz once again where all the cast members answered Ross’s questions. Only this time, the format was changed as he made them recognize the character through an audio clip. Funny thing was, they didn’t guess Mr. Heckles, the grumpy old man from downstairs. The whole set and all of them together made fans emotional, according to social media users. 

The One Where Janice Came In

When James Corden gathered all of the members together and asked them about the loudest person with the most distinctive laugh sound. Everyone pointed towards Lisa. Then the voice ‘O My God’ came and Maggie Wheeler Aka Janice entered. At that moment, the show was complete since she was among the most important cast members who stayed longer than any other character aside from the six main ones. Her appearance made fans love Friends Reunion 2021 even more.  

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