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Coke Studio Explorer’s Faqeera Is A Bliss for Soul

Here comes the blissful creation of Coke Studio Explorer in the form of Faqeera. The captivating song is not about music but the essence of a culture, tradition, and expression of human beings’ hope in a divine power in a more beautiful way.

Faqeera By Coke Studio Explorer

Apart from sounding pleasant to the ears, Faqeera is a visual treat. It is not just a song but also a representation of culturally diverse and heterogenous Sindh that has stories to tell from the rich heritage of Indus valley civilization.

Two of the rural Sindh’s melodious folk singer Shamu Bai and Vishnu have sung this Sufi song that tells the relationship of people with God and how the Lord listens and responds to the quest of its people.

As the description on the Youtube link says, Faqeera is a tribute to the Sufi saints of the region who spoke the truth and promoted harmony.

And, what is a better way to connect with people other than music that has a profound impact on listeners.

Promoting A Culture of Peace through Music

The song Faqeera captures the rural Sindh, as it is shot in a remote village Deewan Lal Chand. It depicts the green fields, musical gatherings, the Sindhi community indulged in daily life business and much more. It is just the story of one of the most cultured regions on this land.

Pakistan is a culturally diverse country, and this diversity becomes eminent in the form of Sindh a province where a different religious and cultural communities live in harmony. Various organizations come up with festivals that bring the community members closer through art. One such example is Lahooti Melo- a cultural festival that was aimed at promoting harmony.

The endeavor of Coke Studio to bring the musicians and singers from far off places of Pakistan into the country’s mainstream music arena will make the people of the land explore the common ground that can hold them together.

Music And Culture At Same Place

Music is one manifestation of culture for being an art form. But, it doesn’t always tell the stories of communities. The Coke Studio Explorer which takes to the musical journey of Pakistan is introducing the viewers to the colors of this country. This year, it is no more limited to Punjab as performers from Sindh, Balochistan, Chitral and other parts of the country are also participating. It is just bringing out the hidden gems by exploring the culture of Pakistan from its length and breadth.

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