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This Major Spoiler in Fast 9 May Ruin Whole Movie for Fans

The trailer of much anticipated Fast 9 is out and it has some flaws that haven’t gone well with the fans. The movie gave out one of the most interesting descriptions of several events that took place in the film. Although the trailer looked great due to the thrill, action, and adventure. Nevertheless, it may disappoint its enthusiasts.  

A simple fact is that the audience requires a very limited level of spoilers to have an urge of watching a movie. Small chunks from movie scenes create a trailer that develops and enhances an individual’s interest regarding a film.  Since the newest film from the Fast and furious franchise revealed several secrets of the movie, the viewers might feel detached from their enthusiasm towards it. It is true that knowing a movie is good, but not in the case of finding everything out before, the movie is released. 

Interesting Facts About Fast 9 AND The Series: 

Fast 9 is believed to be one of the most awaited movies of 2020, but sadly, it was postponed along with other movies like Batman because of Coronavirus. Now, the good thing to know that it coming out soon, which has made its fans eager to watch what’s left of it, as the trailer has given a lot of information. 

Fast and furious 9 has a lot of new elements that could grasp public attention; for instance, the all-new action sequence, updated story, addition of new cast members, and most importantly, supercars. Since the very first movie, the team has kept up with the specialty factor of all the films i.e. cars and gadgets. Although, above, people admired the twists and turns of these movies very much. They appreciated that one twist, which turned the movie upside down and created an immense level of suspense in the movie. 

Fast and Furious series is one of the most popular action and adventurous movies. The most significant and interesting fact about the movie is its plot. The storyline of each part is different and tends to attract the audience. The first two parts were just an introduction to the main characters and their roles in the movie. However, the depiction of the plot in the events was uncanny. Similarly, the rest of the parts played along in carrying the legacy of movies in terms of fun, thrill, action, and even comedy.

The fast and furious franchise was famous due to people’s alleged interest in cars, and super-advanced racing vehicles. The franchise used the trend of racing and modified cars and turned it into their very first movie in 2001. It grasped the attention of millions and inspired the team to launch another fabulous movie in 2003. The audience’s interest kept on developing to the extent that people felt connected with the movie characters. In 2015, Paul Walker, one of the lead actors, faced his demise due to a car accident. Ironic how it sounded, that a race movie actor died due to a car accident. His death played a part in creating hype among people and they admired the fast 7, which was Paul’s last film. 


Spoilers And Wonderments Of Fans: 

Every entity, who has watched the fast 9 trailers, knows about who has made an appearance other than the old cast. John Cena, the famous wrestler, has become a part of Fast and Furious movies. 

John is playing the villain in the film by the name Jacob. However, the cherry on the top is that he is VIN diesel’s (Dom) brother. He is an Assassin, a thief, and a high-performance driver. Well, no doubt on that part, since the film is all about cars and stunts from the very beginning. The point is that the trailer has already revealed his relation to the main character and his activities in the movie. As per the fans, it might have been better if not everything was revealed in the trailer. The craze of watching the movie would still be alive for many people who have been disappointed by the disclosed information. Plenty of people don’t like to know anything about their favorite movie before watching it. 

John Cena is just the beginning of spoilers; the actual spoiler is that Han, one of the most liked characters of Tokyo Drift, Fast 5, and 6, is coming back from the dead. He rejoins the team. Nevertheless, fans are glad that the trailer did not reveal how he is not dead. 

Thinking of John and Han spoiler, well the biggest jerk is on its way to shake the Fast 9 fans to their very core. While watching the trailer, they can easily observe the new villain and alive deceased in action. On the other hand, where are Hobbs and Shaw? Are they even in the movie? Is it suspense or they just left the franchise? The dilemma leads to wonderments and since the discussion is about spoilers, the trailer confirmed that they are not in the movie. It is also depressing for many because Jason Statham and Dwaine Johnson (The Rock) were among the most liked characters of the film. 

When Is The Movie Hitting Big Screens?

Due to the lockdown and precautionary measures, the shooting was stopped and every person thought it was not going to be a part of cinemas again. The Rumors also played a part in letting people believe that Fast and Furious 9 was officially gone for good. However, according to a recent discovery, the good news is that the movie is coming out in April 2021. The actual date is yet to be confirmed as the pandemic and stress are not finished. There is still an element of threat and that is causing the delay in the release.

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