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George Clooney Talks About His Political Career and Bashes Trump

Hollywood Actor and Director, George Clooney has never shied away from expressing his critical thoughts for ex-American President Donald Trump. Clooney appeared in an interview for the promotion of his new film and also happened to talk about his political views. The actor is a supporter of the Democrat party and an ally of current President Joe Biden, and former President Barrack Obama.

Clooney shared his feelings about how much the US needed to heal from the condition in which Donald Trump left it.

George Clooney Says Trump is a Knucklehead

While explaining the condition, George Clooney compared the US with “a battered child” who suddenly found out that he was going to school. One cannot assume that the abused kid would do perfectly fine in the class so soon. The actor said that it required some repairing and it will take some time for the US to heal from what Trump has done.

Clooney also mentioned how funny it was for him when Trump became the president of the world’s largest economy. He could not believe it at first because that guy (Trump) was such a “knucklehead” who was chasing girls all the time. The actor also claimed that Trump cannot stand his supporters in real life. Furthermore, Clooney said that whenever Trump was outside, he was always trying to ask the details of some girl and that’s all he was about.

Here is the video of that interview.

Talking about Poll Numbers in the US

George Clooney blamed the Trump era for the hostile polarization surrounding the US. However, the poll numbers for Joe Biden’s approval were also not impressive. According to reports, only 38% of Americans approved of Biden’s overall performance. 48% of voters liked Biden’s aggressive approach to the COVID-19 vaccination drive and around 40% approved his handling of the economy, foreign policy, and immigration.

The actor suggested Biden not to pay attention to the poll because of its doubtful credibility. He referenced the time when Donald Trump’s ratings were also often increasing and decreasing. Clooney acknowledged that there were many things to be repaired first but also expected that Biden’s rating will go up.

New Film and Political Career

Many have speculated if George Clooney would himself join politics at some point. However, the superstar said that he was only focusing on his family and politics was “not on the cards” for him.

The 60-year-old actor has twin children with his 43-year-old wife, Amal Clooney, an international human rights lawyer. They are among the best couples who have made it work despite the huge age gap.

He is again in Director’s Chair for the upcoming film ‘The Tender Bar’ starring Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan. Clooney explained that this film was about kindness and he hadn’t done enough amount of such movies.

The film is based on the memoirs of J.R. Moehringer, who found alternatives for his absent father at the bar, run by his uncle Charlie.

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