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These Hilarious The Nun Memes Are Too On Point

The fifth installment of The Conjuring Universe, The Nun is running in cinemas across the United States. Despite being an extremely horror film, The Nun is spreading a smile on the faces of many social media users. It is making viewers go lols for the so-relatable creativity of the page admins.

Funny The Nun Memes

The Nun which is a spin-off of The Conjuring is a famous film not only in the United States but also all over the world, including India and Pakistan- a reason why its memes are so universal.

Different countries are using the film’s poster showing a nun to create the funny and relatable stuff.

Here are few such memes which are making everyone Laugh Out Loud.

This foodie man perhaps wanted to say it “The Naan.”

And, there were more “Nan’ lovers who made this film look less scary with their food-obsessed nature. Well, if this were the film’s poster, everyone would have liked it, or at least wanted to watch it.

Mumbai Police Trying to Look Cool

It makes sense of social media pages to memefiy specific content, but institutes like the police are also getting into this business.

This Mumbai Police poster to warn about no-parking sign is one such example.

It is indeed a good idea to use favorite social media stuff for creating awareness. After all, this is the language that youngsters understand the most. But, it was genius of Mumbai Police to use such a poster to warn about the horrors of parking in a place with the sign of no-parking. The Nun is helping communicate real-life issues now.

Anushka Sharma As Nun

Whether it is due to her wedding or an upcoming movie like Sui Dhaga, hilarious Anushka Sharma memes always remain a thing of social media. Now, when another meme is being trended, it was impossible for trollers to not fit Anushka into it.

So, here comes Anushka’s very The Nun moment.

How Much Response Film Is Receiving

The Conjuring a kind of prequel to The Nun had received massive acclaim from the cinema-goers. Now, its spin-off is also gaining praise from the critics. The film that hit the cinemas on September 7 is likely to amass more than $40 million in its opening week, according to media reports. The story that features the mysterious murder of nuns and unfolds tragic events during the probe is indeed scary, but the above social media memes are neutralizing that impact. The poster is finally giving viewers something to cheer about.


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