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How Pakistanis Are Evaluating Imran Khan’s Address to Nation

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has addressed the nation for the first time after taking the oath, and his speech is winning over hearts. Imran Khan’s address to nation was more about social and economic crisis of the country and how to tackle them. In his speech, Khan advocated austerity and pledged to begin it from himself.

Response on Imran Khan’s Address to Nation

Imran Khan’s address to the nation was somehow similar to his victory speech. He talked about auctioning the nation’s assets like Mercedez cars meant for the use by ministers and using the money generated for public’s interest. The prime minister promised to convert Prime Minister house into a state of the art university and shared his thoughts of using governor houses for similar purposes.

Imran Khan undoubtedly enjoys huge support from the public and youth. But, his address to the nation made him receive applause from his critics as well.

Here is what people had to say about Imran Khan’s address to the nation.

On Originality of the Speech

Imran Khan didn’t speak to the people of Pakistan in the language of a professional writer. The man simply poured his heart. And, it was the very originality of his speech that won him huge praise.

German ambassador Martin Kobler who earlier shared his tips with Pakistanis on saving water also applauded Imran Khan’s agenda on reducing the infant mortality rate and ensuring the provision of quality education for all.

Celebrities are also praising what Imran Khan had to say in his address to the nation.

After Fakhr-e-Alam, here is another singer who went took a moment to share her opinion on what Imran Khan’s address to nation was all about.

Best wishes from Khan’s critics

Anchor Mansoor Ali Khan is considered as a pro-PMLN journalist who doesn’t let go an opportunity to slam Imran Khan. Even, he was optimistic about his speech and shared his hope that Khan succeeds in achieving his vision as prime minister of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s famous cultural critic and satirist who is popular for producing well-researched material on various socio-political and cultural aspects also praised Imran Khan’s address to the nation.

According to Hamid Mir and Cyril Almeida, two one of the most credible journalists in Pakistan, Iman Khan talked about few things in his speech that no Prime Minister mentioned before. And, these things were related to planting trees, reviving tourism and addressing Balochistan’s concerns, etc.

Critics of Imran Khan’s Speech

Most of the people gave a thumbs-up to Imran Khan’s address to the nation, there is no lack of those who criticized Khan for talking about general things. The prominent among Khan’s opponent is his ex-wife Reham Khan who somehow manages to stay in headlines with her opinions on Khan. Earlier, it was her self-titled but so racy book that kept her center of discussion on Pakistani social media for days. As expected she has now pointed out some flaws from Imran Khan’s address to nation, which are as follows.

Usually, people give opinions on anything according to their prejudice, but in the case of Imran Khan’s address to nation, even his opponents seemed hopeful and optimistic about his words, except few.

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