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Here Is What Pakistanis Have to Say on So ‘Racy’ Reham Khan Book

The controversial Reham Khan book is finally out in PDF format on Amazon and in paperback form in the UK. Readers are sharing the excerpts on social media and the ‘racy’ material contained in the book.

What Is In Reham Khan Book

The Reham Khan book is said to be her autobiography, but it talks most about PTI Chairman Imran Khan to whom she was married for less than a year. The book was, already talk of the town when the celebrity and PTI leader Hamza Ali Abbasi who claimed to access it by hacking Reham Khan’s email ID had criticized it on social media.

Parwaz Hai Junoon actor had termed the book as a mere attempt to degrade the character of Imran Khan, who has a strong chance of becoming the next prime minister of Pakistan due to increasing popularity of his party.

Those who read the book are sharing their remarks along with the excerpts. Well, the book proves that there is nothing grey about PTI chief. He faces criticism for going to extreme poles. Recently, it was Imran Khan’s Sajda at the shrine that made him controversial, and now it is his morality which is being put into question.

Those Who Got Some Romantic Stuff to Read

And people are saying that Reham Khan book seems more like a porn movie.

Another extract from her book shared by a Twitter user.

People Applauding Reham Khan on Her Courage

Well, many Twitter users also appreciated Reham Khan for her courage to bravery to speak out.

They say that media is silent on her book as they don’t want to come in the way of the Prime Minister select for General Elections 2018.

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