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Moments From Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony that Sparked Debate

Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has finally taken oath as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mamnoon Hussain, the President of Pakistan administered oath in President house. Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony was the talk of the town for many reasons. His supporters and opponents both had much to say on whether he will be able to meet his responsibilities and face the challenges with resilience or not.

Many celebrities and world leaders congratulated Imran Khan for becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

But Twitterati had got other things to highlight on this occasion. The social media brigade also actively participated in discussions on various aspects of the event.

Moments from Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony

There were several things from Imran Khan’s oath taking ceremony that became a talk of the town. But worth mentioning include Khan’s mispronunciation of difficult Urdu words during swearing-in ceremony and conservative attire of his burqa-clad wife, Bushra Maneka.

Here is all they have been talking about.

On Imran Khan’s Urdu

Khan didn’t pronounce few Urdu words well, and social media was losing its mind.

They realized that Urdu is a tough language.

The very first problem Khan faced was taking dictation.

Why they didn’t highlight Imran Khan’s mistakes.

On Bushra Maneka’s Attire

Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Maneka is a spiritual personality. She usually keeps her face covered in the veil. The first lady of Pakistan attended the oath-taking ceremony in the same attire. Of course, some people had their two cents to give on the what Bushra Maneka chose to wear.

People for quick to condemn those pseudo-liberals for commenting on Bushra Bibi’s dress.

A Power Crisis?

Well, it questions whether being liberal means being pro-choice or not? Or, if liberals want to dictate the world and let the women wear what they want them to. Isn’t it that someone’s lifestyle should be purely a matter of choice for liberal thinkers; otherwise what is the difference between them and the conservatives.

What was served in Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony

According to PTI social media brigade, the guests at Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony didn’t get something special to feast upon. Instead, they were only served tea and biscuits. And, for Imran Khan’s supporters, it was for the first time in history simplicity was observed in an oath-taking ceremony. For them, it was a sign of tabdeeli (change).

And, few journalists like Nusrat Javed were quick to correct the facts.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Capturing Attention

Pakistanis gave a warm welcome to Navjot Singh Sidhu when he came to attend Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony. On the day when Khan was finally taking Oath, Mr. Sidhu was the center of attraction. He again became a center of discussion among Pakistani and Indian Twitterati.

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