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Indian Actor Imran Khan Gets Mistaken for Pakistani Imran Khan

It is time for everyone from Pakistan, India or anywhere in the world whose name is Imran Khan to consider changing their names. Those who are trying to contact PTI Chairman who is likely to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, are approaching the wrong Imrans. For instance, Indian actor Imran Khan is the latest “Khan” who received the emails which were initially intended for PTI Chairman.

Bollywood actor shared the screenshots via Instagram post. And, fans came up with hilarious reactions.

Indian Actor Imran Khan on Receiving Wring Emails

In one of the posts that Imran Khan shared the sender told Khan about the attributes of successful leaders about making the right decision at the right time and recognizing the friends. The sender also showed an intention to join Khan’s team and help him in good governance.

So, it seems that the fans of Pakistan’s next prime minister have got a lot to say to their leader, but they are not sending it to the right person. On the flipside, they are lucky enough to connect with a celebrity from B-town.

Imran Khan Receiving the Complaints

Indian actor Imran Khan who is the nephew of Bollywood star Amir Khan is the well-known artist. He is famous for his film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and other hits. It is not for the first time that Khan has received anything which was meant for Pakistani politician Imran Khan. Earlier, he received an email from Bannu resident who complains about the corrupt police which was letting go of criminals after receiving bribery and holding innocent citizens into his custody.

Khan also shared the screenshot of the conversation on his Instagram post.

Earlier, Bollywood actor Amir Khan who is the uncle of Indian actor Amir Khan’s name was taken with Indian cricketers who are likely to visit Pakistan on new Prime Minister’s oath-taking ceremony.

While Pakistani politician Imran Khan’s fan might be facing a hard time in reaching out their leader due to such a commonality of his name, social media users are getting to enjoy some entertaining stuff.

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