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Indian Army’s Aggression In Kashmir Leaves Many Dead

Indian occupied Kashmir once again witnesses a brutal episode of violence. The recent clashes between Indian Army and Kashmiri freedom fighters have left 20 dead and 200 injured on Sunday, reportedly.

Indian Army’s Aggression in Jammu And Kashmir

Media reports suggest that the latest episode of clashes between Indian Army and militants in Shopian, Kashmir has made the region to suffer highest death toll in one day. The deadly encounters have resulted in the loss of 4 civilians, 13, suspected militants, 3 Indian soldiers while leaving at least 70 people wounded.

In the recent years, a new wave of clashes started after the martyrdom of young Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani. The resultant protests by the people of the valley made Indian army to come up with worst aggression, as it responded by throwing pellet guns on protestors. The disturbing images of the victims that went viral on social media, made human rights activists to raise concern over server human rights violations in Kashmir. This is not the all, India’s army also rewarded its officer who tied a Kashmiri man to a military jeep as a human shield.

Indian Army

Strike in Kashmir

After the Indian Army’s operation against militants who are fighting for the freedom, people have called for a two days strike in the region. Joint Resistance Leadership in Kashmir that included Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, and Yasin Malik.

Pakistan which observes Kashmir day to show solidarity with the people of this beautiful valley has condemned the Indian army’s brutal attack on freedom fighters. The country’s leadership including PM Shahid Khaan Abbasi and Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif has denounced the Indian soldiers’ aggression that has given rise to massive unrest in the valley, resulting in the killing of civilians

Human Rights Violations In Kashmir

India has deployed 700.000 troops in Jammu and Kashmir to curb the struggle of its people for freedom. Since partition, till now thousands of people have lost their lives as a result of clashes between army and rebel. Reports suggest that region has suffered the loss of 47,000 precious lives since 1989, excluding those who went missing during the conflict.

Apart from this, tensions continue to loom over the region throughout the year in the form of skirmishes between the Indian and Pakistani army on LOC (Line of Control), almost 437 miles long border that separated Indian occupied Kashmir from one held by Pakistan.

The Kashmir issue is the root cause of conflict between India and Pakistan. There are myriad of United Nations resolutions that ask for solving this issue according to the will of Kashmiri people, who are the significant stakeholder. Unfortunately, no action has been taken to resolve the conflict in light of the UN resolutions and according to the people’s will.

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