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Your Location History Will Soon Get Shared To Facebook By Instagram

It’s not at all new that Facebook gives room and space to new upgrades and brings something extraordinary in front of the world. In 2012 Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion and both social media platforms were run through collaborations.

In a few years after the purchase, many new innovations have been introduced which are common in Facebook and Instagram. For example, the stories and the messenger features of both apps are related to one another. But still, there are privacy issues which are faced by Facebook and these issues will only get worse when your Instagram prototypes will share your location history with Facebook, without creating any privacy measure.

Instagram will Share The Location History

Right now the process of sharing this location history is in its experimental stages. Instagram is testing this feature with some accounts. This new feature will allow Messenger and Instagram to construct and use a history regarding all the location you have visited through your device’s GPS.

Then this history will get shared with the Social media giant Facebook. And whenever the user will want to share their previous location both the apps will show all the locations that user have been to.

Location History

According to Facebook, Location history is a feature which allows Facebook to develop a history of precise locations of various users. If the user opts to turn on the location history, then Facebook will automatically share the relevant history with the post. But if the user turns off the history the facebook won’t share it with the post.

Previously this feature was adopted by snapchat and now Facebook, after the achieving 300 million users on it’s the previous upgrade is all set to redefine the Facebook Nearby Friends feature for making another upgrade using location history of the users.

Instagram Down

A few days ago Instagram was down and the users were facing issues while logging in. The rumors claimed that due to the personal politics between owners and a resignation by the chairperson or the cooperation, this issue was created.

But this shocked the users and they started tweeting about their current situation without the Instagram app.

They actually started mocking the daily Insta user, for all the possible reasons,


Whereas, those who don’t have the Insta account before also shared their part in the trend,

The reason which could be behind these issues is the carelessness towards the quality. Might be the features which are introduced have a great influence over users but the quality matters the most. It seems like Insta and Facebook need to sort their mutual issues and then together resolve the privacy and accuracy problem in their Apps.

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