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Crazy iPhone 13 Memes Appear on the Internet After Apple Event

It is that time of the year when Apple gets grilled for coming up with a new price tag of its flagship in the name of innovation. Ever since Apple announced the release of the new iPhone, it has been facing jokes and memes on social media. As usual, smartphone users have been trolling the tech giant for making minimal changes to their previous designs. Apart from few minor tweaks, there seems to be nothing that makes iPhone 13 stand out from its predecessors. It is set to release on Sept 24 and users couldn’t help but share iPhone 13 memes to express their disappointment.

Spider-Man Returns for iPhone 13 memes

The famous Spider-Man meme has become synonymous with every iPhone launch lately. This meme shows multiple Spider-Men pointing fingers at each other in shock after seeing their doppelganger. It provides a perfect image for a scenario where iPhone 11, 12, and 13 are beside each other and the viewer is having confusion deciding which one is which.

Apple Fans Might Know the Difference

Folks have also been making iPhone 13 memes on Apple users who hysterically purchase every iPhone model that launches. The meme shows a scene from the Bollywood movie Ghajini when the protagonist suffering from dementia struggles to find the memento he needs. The look on his face probably reflects how iPhone fans are feeling after realizing the phone has no significant difference from the older ones.

There Is Some New Stuff Too

Well, the new iPhone does have the latest A15 Bionic Chip and it has also improved on the 5G technology. Other improvements include a bigger battery and a brighter display. 120Hz Screen refresh will only be available in iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. However, smartphone users are not much impressed by this as seen from the iPhone 13 memes. They feel like the tech giant is just increasing its profit without making much investment on the phone.

This is How Every iPhone Reveal at Apple Event Looks Like

At every launch of the iPhone, smartphone users are invited to a huge gathering known as Apple Event. Here the company showcases its devices planned for launch. The event plays a key role in building product interest in the masses but some have to create really naughty iPhone 13 memes.

They suggested that users should have realized that this device was never going to see huge changes after looking at how the late Steve Jobs dressed at every event.

Has Anybody Noticed an Alien on the Back on iPhone 13?

Just like the previous model, this iPhone also contains wide and ultra-wide cameras. They have been upgraded from Smart HDR 3 to HDR 4 but the formation is different this time. There are a lot of iPhone 13 memes that point out how the placement of the camera looks like an alien emoji.

Speaking of new iPhone Cameras

Looking back, it seemed that all of Apple’s new camera system shapes looked like deformed alien faces. This new design was introduced in iPhone 11 and carried on to iPhone 12. The striking similarities between 11 and 12 were also huge fodder for memes. It led the audience to believe that all future designs will be inspired by aliens so better get used to it.

How they Made iPhone 13

In one of the best iPhone 13 memes, someone made a joke on how the manufacturers would have created this spectacle.

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