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The Story of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account Getting Hacked

Twitter account of the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey getting hacked just took the users of this platform by surprise. The hackers reportedly held the account for ten long minutes and posted a series of racial or anti –Semitic comments.

The Hacked Jack Dorsey Account But Failed To Access Twitter Servers

A hacker group calling itself the Chuckle Squad hacked Jack Dorsey account but failed to attain information or access to Twitter’s main servers. For ten minutes, the group posted anti-semitic and racial messages. Shortly after the hijacking, Twitter was able to recover the accounts.

A Classic Case Of Sim Jacking

According to an initial investigation conducted by Twitter and the authorities, this seems like a classic case of sim swapping. It’s a technique designed by fraudsters in which they either bribe or trick a customer care representative of a sim carrier, in this case, AT&T into assigning their sim with a preregistered number belonging to someone else. This newly attained preregistered number is then often used to commit a series of crimes after which they are discarded effectively eliminating all trails leading to them.

Cloudhopper May Be Involved

 Another possible culprit that may have played a pivotal role in helping the Chuckle Squad gain access to the CEO’s account maybe Cloudhopper a company that Twitter acquired in 2012 to better help Integrate its services with SMS. It’s possible that Twitter CEO account got hacked via the SMS services.

Whenever a person posts a tweet through his phone, the source shows up as Cloudhopper. To use this service, a tweeter user needs to send an SMS to 404-04, and the post will appear on tweeter.

This is not the first time the name Chuckle Squad has popped up in reference to account hacking. Reports of other influential figures and You Tubers getting their accounts hacked by the Chuckle Squad have also come forth.

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