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James Corden’s Cats Gets Worst Reviews from Critics

Movie critics are pummeling one of the most anticipated musical movies of 2019 called Cats. The move features a wide range of animation and graphics that has not gone well with the movie buffs

Thing Aren’t Looking Good For Cats

The modern-day movie musical is an adaptation of T.S Elliot’s famous musical called Cats. Despite the massive budget and excellent star cast, the movie is nothing but a drag, say critics. There are so many mistakes and errors that can easily be spotted in the movie musical.

It is noted that the film is being trolled since the trailer came out. James Corden’s look in the Cats was criticised the most.

For starters, it seems the musical was shot in a dark room as the lighting in the film was horrible; nothing could be clearly seen. The storyline lacks fluidity, which makes it hard to understand or grasp what is going on. It seems like a bunch of different sub musicals, and its characters have been botched up into one big musical.

The Scaling And Animation Need Serious Work

The scaling, the animation, and the graphics were completely out of sync. In many places, the scale difference between the building and the play’s characters were human in scale, in other words, the size ratio between the buildings and the characters was not maintained according to the respective sizes

The actors in the play were meant to look like cat’s but instead ended up looking like some alien race whose facial features resembled humans drastically.

Having a Star Cast Is Not Enough

Despite having star casts like Judi Dench and Sir Ian, who are veteran actors with loads of experience in dramatic and movies, failed to gain the much expected applaud from critics. Besides these two veteran actors, the musical featured Taylor swift and the host of the late late show James corden.

A critic while giving his remarks on the movie questioned how could someone make something like this. After watching whatever this is, I have a newfound respect for dogs.

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