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My Japanese Imported Car Now Worth Nothing – A True Story

I finally got my ‘Japanese dream car’ and that too in a reasonable budget from a local car dealer in Pakistan, making me feel WOW! It looked almost new, a scratch less piece of beauty. It was my first car, a car from my two years’ of savings. And there was nothing as good as going to the office in my personally purchased automatic vehicle.

My Checklist of Excitement

Being a first-time purchaser, I was not aware of the key factors which I should have kept in my mind before closing the deal. Scratch less, low mileage, automatic, push start, and chilled ac was all I had on my checklist as compared to the price. I simply considered its looks and thought that the car would be as good as it appears. Another factor was that it fits well within my budget and for that, I found myself lucky. WOOHOO!

Surprises Started Getting Unveiled for Me

Now after a year, I can hear a rattling sound which I cannot figure out the exact location. The car does not start, showing the batteries are dead, (R.I.P).

What on earth has happened to my car in just one year? “Say hello to the mechanic”! “Well get the car fixed and get ready for more surprises,” is what I was thinking now. I had to get it to the mechanic for some repairs on a daily basis, and even at times, it stopped in the midway making me repent on my decision of buying an imported car. I started blaming myself for not maintaining the car due to which I was facing all this trouble. You can well imagine how embarrassing it was. It was never what I always dreamt of. Well, that was not the case. I was sold an accidental Japanese car at less price. The outer looks bluffed me well.  

My Japanese Imported Car Now Worth Nothing – A True Story

My Verdict on Japanese Imported Cars in Pakistan

Perhaps, this was the price I paid for choosing a local car dealer in Pakistan. Now, I am thinking about selling it, and I know that I wouldn’t get the price I paid. Therefore, for all those who are gearing up for purchasing a Japanese imported car in Pakistan, it is a sincere advice that you should never go to a local car dealer. Instead, always find directly imported Japanese hybrid electric cars, from a reputable car dealer. Even if you are contacting an international importer, never rush, instead conduct a thorough research, check the reviews on the internet and view their social media pages for customers’ comments.  Have a clear picture of what you are going to get and aim for getting a trouble free car.

Good Luck to all those, who are excited to purchase a Japanese imported car in Pakistan.

Author - Asma Altaf

Asma Altaf is a keen learner and a freelancer writer who contributes her writings to different industries, hoping to cover new challenges faced by society.

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