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Five Positives from Maleeha Lodhi Speech in United Nations

As Pakistanis, we sometimes feel hard pressed to get our viewpoint across to the world. We feel that maybe we need to “do more” to let the world know about our problems. To say things which would help the world understand more about our country and the issues it faces. The recent Maleeha Lodhi speech in the UN is a reflection of the Pakistani side of the story.

Positives from Maleeha Lodhi Speech in UN

Here are the takeaways for us Pakistanis, who often feel drowned in the opinions of the other side.

The World Cannot Just Ignore Pakistan

Every other American administration from the Obamas to the Trump, they always ask us to do more. But, they never ask India not to stop its involvement in different parts of Pakistan. Maleeha Lodhi speech in the United Nations respectably puts our verdict out to the world, in a way that it cannot get ignored.

India Should Accept its Human Rights Atrocities

India keeps on committing crimes inside Jammu and Kashmir. Furthermore, the world maintains a mum at the way it treats its Muslims and other minorities. The cold-blooded murder of the Muslims at the hands of cow vigilantes in India is just one example of India’s real face of democracy. She rightly points out the lack of justice for India’s minority population.

Five Positives from Maleeha Lodhi Speech in United Nations

There is Another Side to the Indian Propaganda as Well

India always keeps playing the victim card at every international human rights forum. In Maleeha Lodhi speech she showed the audience in attendance the image of a Kashmiri blinded by Indian pellet guns. It is a rare and historic moment in the history of Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts to come out in such a straightforward manner. Therefore, showing the world that India has a lot of work to do to improve its human rights records is a great diplomatic accomplishment.

Maleeha Lodhi Speaks for Millions of Pakistanis

As Pakistanis, we somehow feel the urge to have our point of view shared with the result of the world. Many times we have this feeling that our leadership had to express more to get our viewpoint out. However, this time, Maleeha Lodhi spoke of millions of Pakistanis and the way they feel towards India’s interference inside the country.

India Cannot Put Aside Kashmir Issue as Internal Matter

Indian side keeps trying to put aside the issue of Kashmir as its internal matter. In Maleeha Lodhi speech she communicated the fact that Kashmir is an international dispute. Furthermore, she gave the references of the UN Security Council Resolutions that exist to resolve the conflict. Also, she pointed towards the UN asking for the body to do its bit in addressing the longstanding issue between the two countries.

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